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I thought that my adoption day was the best day, ever! Just when I thought that it could not get any better, something amazing happened! Did you know that there are places where other dogs are gathered together just for my personal entertainment? There is! I am not kidding. There really is such a place! Not only that, but I think that I am in love.

Yesterday was a busy and, oh, so exciting day! I went to Doggie Daycare! Momma saw an advertisement for 1/2 off a dog’s first grooming. It is a new place in town called The Dog Spot. It’s right here in Billings at 1749 Grand Ave. Momma decided to see if they could tame my lovely puppy locks. The gal who answered the phone was very helpful and friendly. They were able to get me in right away. How cool is that? Momma and Big Dog decided that we might as well try out the doggie day care for the day as well. Boy, I’m so glad they did.

Lets get this party started!

I was pretty excited when I got to go in the car with my folks on a weekday morning. Normally, I watch them out the window when they leave. Not yesterday, I got to load up and go on a ride. Whoo-hoo!! We ended up going to this strange and new place. I was a bit nervous at first. I’m not great about entering strange buildings, yet. I always have to hunker down for a bit until I feel comfortable enough to enter. One can never be sure what dangers lay in wait behind closed doors. Big Dog gently stretched my neck with the leash until I gathered up my courage and made the leash go loose again. Big Dog might be patient, but he is really persistent. Anyway, I tamed my fear and crossed over the threshold. Wow! I was amazed. It’s a HUGE building. Very clean and very open. There are lots of places for puppies and dogs to run around. I could sense that there were some potential victims, er, friends busy playing somewhere in there.

Allison greeted us when we arrived. She was so nice. Momma had to give her my paperwork. Just like a kid daycare, Momma had to give some information about who my vet is, if I bit anyone, as if, and so on. Then she played with same papers for my grooming. Those forms are right on The Dog Spot website, so Momma filled them out before they dropped me off. That meant I could get to playing sooner and did not have to wait at the desk. I’m busy you know, I have precious little time to be waiting. Momma asked Jessica to take some pictures of me playing. She explained that I have a famous blog and wanted to share my day with all three of my fans. Momma and Big Dog got a sneak peak of the play area, all 3,000 square feet! That’s a lot of room for dogs to run around.

The dogs were busy running and playing with Allison when they peeked inside. Finally, it took them forever and it bored me, they left to go to work. I was a little nervous going in with these new dogs. All of them were bigger than me and some were a bit noisy. However, the fear was short lived. I don’t know of a party that I cannot liven up. Momma and Big Dog didn’t immediately drive away. They watched me through the window to be sure I was okay with this. What worry warts they are. Sheesh. I got this, I’m in my element with other dogs around. I can really work a crowd.

Look at me go!!

I played and played and played and, then played some more. For some reason the Day Care gals thought I was the ring leader. I don’t quite get that. Maybe you can figure it out. Not to be a name dropper but, Truman, Tuscany, Lexie, Maya, my new boyfriend Wilson, and I had a wonderful day. We ran a lot. Wilson is a cool name. He and I became fast friends. We played so hard that two leggeds had to separate us for a bit so we would drink. We each drank a bowl of water and returned to the party. I did end up taking a tiny little dog nap to energize. We were soon up and moving again. Someone had to keep the party going. Big Dog likes to call me his, “party girl” You know when I’m around everyone is going to be running and playing. Especially, me!

Isn't he a doll baby?

I did take some time off to get my hair and nails done. Wilson is soooo cute. I could hardly wait to strut my new doo. It was a long day and my folks finally came back to get me. They were amazed at how beautiful I was. They had asked Clare to trim up the fur around my bottom, but could never imagine all the other “shaping” that Clare could do for me. My face really stands out now. She trimmed around my legs and somehow cleaned up the fur on my back. Clare trimmed my nails, brushed my teeth, and even gave me a snazzy bandana to wear. I love the shampoo they used. It makes my fur lots softer. I don’t think that my folks expected that someone would take such great care and extra attention to make me look even more beautiful than I already am. Big Dog grumbled about paying to have me groomed, until he saw me. Remember when they gave me a bath? This is much better and so worth the money!  I have a feeling that I will see Clare again.

I was happy to see the folks, but oh so very tried. When we were driving home, I kept closing my eyes while I was standing between them in the car. We stopped for a bit so Big Dog could get some plants and I took a pup nap in the back seat. That was a rare feat indeed. We finally got back home. I just kept flopping on the floor and sleeping. When Momma got up to go outside I followed her, but fell asleep, face first, in some dirt from a planter that the wind knocked over. I slept and slept. I think the cats thought I was dead as I didn’t bother them at all. Not once.

You can't catch me.

The Dog Spot has been open since May 1st. of this year. Right now they have a special running for the month of May. Get 1/2 off your dog’s first grooming! What a great way to get your dog all spiffed up for the summer. While you are there, be sure to sign them up for daycare. Add them as a friend on Facebook. It’s a good way to go look at their facilities; to see pictures of dogs; and to get involved. You never know, you might see my smiling face. They have a coupon on their Facebook Page right now for the 1/2 off grooming. Go claim yours before the end of the May 2012.

The Dog Spot is also doing a nice thing to give back to the community. If your dog is a recent adoption, they will give your pup a free trial at day care. My Momma really likes that because how can you know if your newly adopted pup will like day care? It allows your new fur kid to try daycare and see if its for them. I warn you, they will be hooked!

My fancy new doo and spiffy scarf!

I can’t wait to go back and hope to see you there!
Tell them Katie sent you.

Thank you to Allison Egan for taking all the great pictures and letting me share them on my blog. If you click the pictures you can make them bigger.


The Dog Spot — 9 Comments

  1. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this article together.
    I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

    • Hi Miss Katie, you have a very pretty name! Thank you for stopping by. Momma says that you are a great writer and a nice lady too. It is a great spot. It lets Momma and Big Dog have a night where I just sleep. *lol*

  2. Katie–you are SO beautiful! Not that you weren’t before but now you really shine!!! I never knew that there were such neat places for dogs to go… looks like it was the best day ever for you and hopefully Momma and Big Dog will let you go back there to play again sometime!!!

  3. ‘She explained that I have a famous blog and wanted to share my day with all three of my fans.’ This made me laugh out loud!

    Katie – you are so adorable. I love your new do. All girls need spa days and you are very lucky to have parents who care so much about you that they arranged a play date and spa day all rolled up into one!

    Thanks for sharing your special day with your fans. I love the smile on your face in that last photo. It says it all!

    • Thank you, Ms. Trish. I wish I could take credit for that line, but actually Big Dog put that in there. Momma and I had him proof the blog. We were making us sound world famous. However, he is the practical one and wanted to call a spade a spade. *lol*

      I feel pretty and didn’t scratch last night. I’m not sure if they didn’t rinse the soap off right or what when they gave me a bath. Clare really made me spiffy.

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