Springtime Puppies

Busy Busy Busy. I got a cool brindle pitbull puppy to foster. It wasn’t very socialized and came from a tough start. Patch and I helped to start its socialization with new dogs and momma turned her into a snuggle bunny. She was pretty for a pitbull. We called her Pitney Spears. She was a fast learner and got a new home with other dogs to live and play with.

Pitney Spears Rescue Dog

Hi! I’m Pitney Spears … or was, anyway.

Now we have a new puppy. He looks a little rottie, but who knows what he’s gonna look like when he grows up? He’s another rez-dog. He was just a baby and got hit by a car. The doctor had to amputate one of his back legs. He is a really happy puppy with a constant grin and eagerness to please. Big Dog & Momma call him Pogo. He is still a baby and afraid of just about everything. We’ll work on that. Meanwhile, we are going to have to search for just the right people to help him live a hopping good life. His one good leg might slow him down and tire him out quicker, but it doesn’t stop him from going up and down stairs with a big puppy grin.

Pogo the three legged rescue puppy.

Pogo lost one of his hind legs in a car accident, but is healing up nicely.

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