Puppies Big Day Out

Its been really hot in Montana. Too hot to do much of anything outside in the afternoon. That means we have to go to the Dog Park early in the morning. The puppies have never been to the Dog Park, Momma wanted them to go so very badly, so we all packed up early and headed to play!

Gracie meeting Patch

High Sierra Dog Park has a big kids area and a little kids area. Momma and Big Dog wanted to me run around the little kids area to show the puppies that it was fun! They weren’t buying it, too much new for them to take in. I got bored and really wanted to play with the big kids, that’s where the action is, you know. Big Dog took me over to torment play with the dogs who could play rough and tumble. As soon as I got in there I ran and one guy just gasped. “Look at how fast she is!” I’m fast and can go from zero to 60 in no time flat. The folks don’t really even pay attention to that anymore. They are used to it.

I took time out to take a break with the kids.

Patch and Meggie just walked around in the grass for a bit. They really didn’t run and play. They stayed huddled up a lot of the time. Momma would walk out in the grass and they would follow her. That was about it for playing. Eventually, they got some company. A boy, who was about 13, wanted to go play with them. Momma told him please do play with them. (They need to learn to have a lot of people touch them so they don’t get weird and standoffish when they get older) The boy was really interested in Meggie. Later, a little 2 year old came in to play with them. He was really interested in wrapping both of his hands around Meggie’s neck. Perfect size for his chubby hands. Momma kept telling him to pet her not choke her. The little boy helped to give out treats to the puppies and then he was gone. Momma was glad when he left. Meggie might be a floor piranha with her biting as you walk by, but Momma likes her alive.

The coolest thing that happened was seeing my friend, Gracie!! I know her from Doggie Daycare. She is a beautiful yellow lab. Her pictures on The Dog Spot facebook page always make Momma smile. She is pretty. Our Momma’s finally figured out that we knew each other from Day Care. They had a nice visit and now are friends on Facebook. Big Dog told Momma, “I’m glad that they ran into each other. Its nice Katie has a friend, but I’m not driving them to the mall when they get older to go shopping!” He was teasing because my Auntie Jenny has to drive my two legged cousin to the mall. So shopping is out for us! Darn it.

My buddy, Gracie

We had some very tired puppsters when we got home. They both napped on and off all day. Its hard to be a puppy with all the new smells, sights and being choked.

Thanks to Gracie’s Momma for letting us steal the fun pictures you took at the Dog Park!


Puppies Big Day Out — 4 Comments

  1. Awwwwww…….Thank you Katie for putting my Gracie on your page! Gracie sure loves to play with you! It is SOOO fun at the Dog Park isn’t it? Even if we all congregate in the shade!!! ;0) See you at Day Care!

    Gracie’s Momma Kari

  2. Aww, too sweet!! I am so glad you ran into your friend at the park, it’s always a nice surprise to catch up with a friend. :)

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