Princess, Puppies and Me

Its been pretty busy around here lately. With Princess and her puppies, me going to doggie daycare, I got to go to the new dog park, I’m in a contest to win a cool toy and my new collar ,which I promptly chewed off. I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

I was happy to play with the puppies. These are girls, Pearl Harbor and Victoria Harbor.

First, Princess, the Momma rottweiler, has finally figured out I’m not a threat to her puppies. I walk around really low around her and lick Princess’ lips. Just to say, “I’m not threat, please don’t kill me” That trick has seemed to work, because we can be in the same yard and she doesn’t growl at me. Whew! I have even gone in her pen while she is eating and she ignores me. The ignoring me hurts my feelers, but Momma and Big Dog seem happy about it. They aren’t the one running around the yard trying to get Princess to play.

"There, there, Sydney Harbor, Katie's here" (He is our runt)

Yesterday we woke up to snow! I had forgotten what that was like. I’m only 11 month old, so I was kind of nervous going outside to go potty. Princess and her pups were all snug in their dog house. Princess did come out to eat and let me dance around her for a while. I think Princess is getting bored and restless. Why would a puppy like me think that? Well let me tell you……..

Big Dog had to run a couple of errands yesterday and when he got home he was met with a big surprise! He yelled in the house to Momma, “Do you know where Princess is?” Momma told him in the backyard silly. Momma was wrong! Princess knocked out a board in the back fence and was just wandering around in front of the house!! Princess likes everyone in the house, but is not too impressed with strangers. She made sure to growl at anyone she saw. Princess is NOT petite, she’s not huge, but she is not tiny. We were all so glad that she went up and greeted Big Dog. They went out for a walk. Big Dog thought she might want to stay if she got to walk around for a bit.

Princess can look scary if you don't know her.

The folks put Big Dog’s compost thingy in front of the hole. Princess got around that and just started waddling down the alley. Thankfully, we live out-of-town a bit. Momma started to change puppy bedding and Big Dog went to find Princess. I was in the house, whining a bit. Princess thought she had the right house, it was the neighbors and she hopped over a 4″ fence. Yikes! It’s a good thing our neighbors weren’t home! Big Dog brought her back to the right yard and she went to check on her puppies. We all think Princess is a sweetie, but that is not the face she puts on for strangers. Kind of scary.Now we have a picnic table and compost thingy in front of the hole so she can’t get out.

Today we are going to a benefit for B.A.R.K. A local shelter. Its called “Annual Posh Paws Boot Scoot and Tail Wag Its at Oscar’s Dreamland from 12pm-8pm!  There will be fun and games for the canines. Professional pet portraits by Casey Page will be available from 1 – 3 pm. A minimum $10 donation will be charged. . Admission is $5, no charge for children under 12. There will be music by Dan Page, Lindsey Jacobsen and Hugh Healow. The Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe will entertain us with a dance routine. Concessions will be available. Everyone and their dog are welcome.” Fortunately, its inside.  I bet I’ll get to meet a lot of puppies and dogs to play with! Oh,boy!!

Momma says that Casey Page, an amazing photographer for our local paper, will be there. She is going to be taking pictures of us fur kids! Parents can buy them for a small cost. Casey takes amazing pictures of the animals in the shelter. They get posted on the B.A.R.K. Facebook page and in the paper and all over. It’s amazing how pretty she can make these dogs look. Some start out in rough shape, but she must have magic lights or lens or something.  I’m going to have MY picture taken by Casey. That means I have to get brushed out, put my bows in my hair and a flower on my collar. A girl must look her best.

The picture Momma entered in the pet toy contest.

After the dog party we are going to go see my Grandma Big Dog. The party is right near her house and she hasn’t had a chance to meet me yet. She is a snow bird and just got back this week. I also hope to get to meet Auntie Dianne, if she’s not working.

We have a busy day ahead and I really need to start getting ready for the party! It’s not everyday that a pup gets to go to a party. I feel all special.


Princess, Puppies and Me — 4 Comments

  1. I have missed your blog post, Katie, but have been keeping up with you on Facebook! I am so glad Princess is back in your back yard!! I am sure she is a perfect lady but people that don’t know her might not understand how sweet she is and get riled up!!! Glad that there is a barrier now to help keep her in! The babies are so cute and I know that you are going to have such a wonderful weekend with all you have going on!!! Keep us posted!!

    • Momma Sheri came up with the idea of calling them Harbor names. They are cute when I get to play with them inside. I get really busy then. *lol*

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