Patch is a Big Boy Now

Patch in his Fancy Nancy tie Momma's friend, Pat made for him.

As you all know, I love The Dog Spot! It’s my most favoritest place to go, ever! I like to run around and torture play with other dogs. My folks love it because they think that it wears me out.  My brother Patch usually stays home when I go to play with my friends. He cries, the big baby, when the folks take me to daycare and leave him home with nobody except the cats *snicker*.  Little did I know, however, that an evil little plot was about to unfold before my very eyes.

My folks really wanted Patch to be just like the other kids. He isn’t. They talked to my best Dog Spot friends to see if they would be willing to take Patch on. Keep in mind, they have a ton of dogs running, playing, and generally having fun almost all the time. “Would they have time to take on my floppy brother?”, was the question at hand. He doesn’t need too much extra attention. He does need more than the average dog when he loses track of his motor function. I learned some new big words that help me sound smart. Anyway, Allison and Jessica said that they would be happy to have him come for a short time to see how he does. That makes sense, even to me, because if he is going to get ugly with other dogs or just lay there and cry, then nobody is going to have much fun.

Yesterday, I had a feeling something was going on. Big Dog grabbed both of leashes, which usually means something fun is about to happen. Patch almost didn’t make it in the car because he was so excited. He loves care rides. The whole ride he WHINED with excitement. I don’t get why that puppy can’t just be quiet like me and enjoy the ride. He whines and I help navigate. We are going somewhere fun, so why whine about it? Sheesh. The folks try their best to ignore it, but I can tell that they wished he would just shut up.

We pulled up to The Dog Spot and my butt was just wiggling to beat the band. I know about this place and it is a bit of dog heaven, right here on earth. Patch flew out of the car and Momma wasn’t expecting that. He flopped onto the hard ground like a dropped sack of potatoes. He is a trooper and bounced back up like he meant to do that. Oh, boy! I knew it was going to be a good day. I was ready to have some real fun!! Patch had no idea why I was so excited, but he got excited too. Then something weird happened, Allison said hi to me, but she took Patch into daycare. What is wrong with this picture? I’m hopping around and turning myself inside out and HE gets to go see the dogs? My Momma watched as Allison took Patch in to meet the other dogs. It was slow going because he was so excited and prancing like a drunken monkey. Allison took him in to meet the other dogs and he did not snap or grow at anyone. (He does that when he gets scared) Then Allison popped her head out and said that he was going to do ok. I waited for her to come get me. She suggested that my folks come back in about an hour and half. That should be enough time for him to play but not so much that he become overwhelmed. Then we left. What? What?? Why am I leaving?? Nooooooo!! I wanna play too. Shucks. Oh well, maybe we are going for an extra special doggy day, I thought. We loaded back up and I took my usual navigators stance to be sure that we got there. Wherever there was going to be. Do you know what we did after we left? We ran errands. That’s it!  How boring is that?? I hate my life. Patch is having the time of his life at the Dog Spot party place and I get to go to some restaurant supply house. Whoop-ti-doo!

We went back to The Dog Spot to pick up Patch. He was doing pretty good. Big Dog went in and saw him being buddies with the biggest dogs in the house. That’s Patch, the suck up. He goosestepped up to Big Dog with excitement. I could just make them out through the window. Patch was on his feet but struggling a little. Jessica told him that Patch was floppy now and then, but overall did good. He even made a friend!! A little boxer, named Tillie seems to have a maternal instinct. When he was floppy, she went over and touched his face and then laid down with him. That made my Momma happy. Me, I could care less who this Tillie is because I wanted to go play. He took up my playtime. Grrrrrr

Allison and Jessica said that Patch can go back! How cool is that? However, they would prefer on a Saturday because that is a slow day and they can give him more attention. They think I don’t need to go with him for a few times. That’s not what I want to hear. Dog Spot – I’m a dog – get the connection? They said something about Patch gaining confidence if he doesn’t have me around. Whatever that means. Momma and Big Dog agreed with that. I heard them muttering something about Patch wanting to always hang around with me and I will protect him and I won’t get to play with other dogs because he will always be with me. Blah – Blah – Blah.

When Big Dog brought Patch to the car, he was excited, but quiet. Before we even got the car pulled out of the parking lot, the big baby was asleep. Lightweight. The folks were saying they thought he was so tired because he had to work twice as hard to play as the other dogs. He has to really think about walking and standing on slick floors. On top of that, he had to play with the new dogs in a new place without his regular pack to support him.

My Momma and Dad were really happy that Patch got to go to daycare. They acted like it was a big deal for Patch. Nobody gets that excited when I go to daycare – except me, of course. It’s not as if he discovered a cure for cancer. That is how they were acting when Patch got to go to daycare. I heard them talking about how relieved and happy they were that Allison and Jessica were willing to have Patch at daycare. They didn’t have to take him on. They have a busy enough job as it is. I think they are doing it because he is my brother and they love me! I can hardly wait until we can go terrorize er, play with, the Dog Spot pack together.

It’s all about me, don’t ya know? That is my story and I’m sticking to it!


Patch is a Big Boy Now — 4 Comments

  1. So glad it went well for Patch! Katie, you sound just like Piper. She isn’t too excited that Lady is taking attention away from her at all!

  2. Katie Katie Katie, you will appreciate your little brother getting tuckered out at daycare, then you will be free to run around the yard and dig holes and find all the goodies you stashed without him knowing. :)

  3. Katie—you have a right to be a little bit upset but trust me–it will be better for you in the long run if you just tolerate the fact that your little bro needs some time alone there. I am sure Momma and Big Dog will give you extra treats and lovin’ because you are being so good about letting Patch have a bit of attention. I am sending you some love right now—-do you feel it???

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