I’m Miss Popular

Happy Easter!! I hope your day is filled with family, fun and love.  The Easter Bunny made sure I had some treats this morning. Yummers!

Yesterday was a busy day here. I was so popular! Lots of people came to visit little old me. That is a good thing. My Uncle Harold and Cousin Kaylin came over to give me some lovin’. They both thought I was a pretty girl. I made sure to stay near them so they could pet me. I pranced around and shook my money maker so they could so how adorable I was. That is important when  you are an adorable puppy like me.

Later, Auntie Peggy and Uncle Joel stopped by to meet me. In case you meet my Auntie Peggy, she has very pretty and tasty toes. I know this for a fact, as I kept trying to nibble on them. Uncle Joel kept me busy by moving a stuffed animal all around for me. I would hop over his legs and go under his legs. By the time we were done, all the stuffing was out of my stuffed zebra. They were both great fun!!

Big Dog took me for a ride to the store. I’m still not really impressed with getting into a car. Every time a door opens I think it means I need to fly out of the car as fast as I can. The Big Dog is not impressed. He keeps encouraging me to make sure that I don’t get out of the car and fly into a parking lot to get hurt. All the way home I stood between the front seats and leaned on him. It makes it much easier for me to see where we are going. I’m a good navigator!

Welcome To My Blog!

This is the picture my parents fell in love with.

My name is Katie Doo and these are my “doggy tales”.  Get it?  I’m so clever! My folks recently lost their dog, Scoobie, in a most tearful way. They missed having a dog and started the great dog search. They checked out all the typical places that get unwanted and lost dogs. I am glad that they were picky.

My folks found my Momma Sheri and then they found me! Their biggest concern was if I would eat cats.  Momma Sheri introduced me to an adorable cat who loved to rub against me and I licked her head. Cats don’t taste as good as dogs do, but this one was cute and rubbing all over me so I loved her up as well. I am glad that I didn’t act up right away. Cats might be tasty, but I was getting tired of sharing attention with all my foster brothers and sisters.

After the people were done visiting, Big Dog – my new Dad – decided to see how I worked on a leash. Yeah, that was dumb of him, I didn’t like that at all. I was found on a reservation and they don’t really use leashes there. I dug in my heels and wouldn’t move to save my soul. Big Dog was persistent and used his soothing voice to get me to take a step and get the leash loose. I dug in again when he tried to coax me a bit further. I didn’t see a reason to have a leash on. I like running around on my own. I’m pretty independent and thought a leash was scary! Big Dog was really persistent and patient, though, and I didn’t have much choice so what’s a dog gonna do?

The Man and Lady finally decided to take me home. Momma Sheri said it could be a trial to see how we all did together. The new people seemed to really like that idea.  Momma Sheri made sure I had some of my food, some toys, and a special tag for my collar in case I got away. The man and lady laughed at the baby raw hide Momma Sheri sent with me. They used to have an 80 lb. dog that liked to chew on huge bones. My little rawhide surprised them, I think.

The posts that follow are letters I wrote to Momma Sheri during the trial period.  My foster Momma thought Momma Sheri would like to know about my progress and that I was okay.  I’m learning new stuff everyday. Some days are better than others. Feel free to subscribe and follow my exploits and antics.

If you are looking for a dog in the Billings area, I have a bunch of foster brothers and sisters looking for furever homes. You can check them out here: Help Every Pet Most of them live with Momma Sheri and she would be happy to have you stop by and meet a new friend.

My posts are going to start with the first time we wrote Momma Sheri, until now. I just wanted to get all my letters up at one time. So you might have to scroll down to the my first post. In the future, the newest news from me will be the first post you see!

Cords and Shoes, Oh My!

How could you be mad at this face?

Good Morning,

I’m acting much younger than my age. Maybe I’m only 9 months old? Really  it doesn’t matter, I’m a dog. What do I care. I’m only repeating what I  heard those people say. They seem to think my my chewing on everything  in site is annoying. Not annoying enough to kick me to the curb, just  annoying. You see, I chewed through a lamp cord. Thankfully, it wasn’t  plugged in. Chewed it all the way through. They said it was a thrift
store lamp, so not to worry. The lady has great shoes that I like to try  to chew on. The guy has stinky feet so I leave his stuff alone. They are  watching me like a hawk, man. I have rawhides, but only use those as a  last resort. Now the people have this annoying habit of giving me a raw  hide when they see me chewing on something naughty. We will see how that  works for them.

Its a vertical poopaplaousa for me. The guy has to really clean up the  back yard. But if I can’t find poop I find other things to chew on,  sticks, an old raw hide someone left in the yard. I’m not picky or  proud. That is another thing the people are telling me to “leave it”  Pretty soon I’m going to think my name is “Leave it”

The lady took me for a walk all by herself yesterday. Good for her to  get that fat ass wadding, I tell ya! I did so darn good. She almost peed  when she saw how nicely I walk on a leash. I stayed by her most of the  time. Sometimes I would run on a head, but when I hit the end of that  retractable leash, I came a running. She needs to walk longer, but hey  after not walking for a while, we have to give her credit. I was just  happy to be out and looking around.

This morning was class. The lady was getting ready to leave and thinks I  shouldn’t charge the door. Spoil sport. Anyway, she had me sit, I almost  have that command down, and she told me to “wait” I would wait for a  second and then go see what she was doing. So finally, they tried some  treats and the guy held me on a leash when she told me to wait. I seemed  to get that pretty good. These people are so darn demanding. *eye roll*

That is all the news that’s fit to print,

Lazy Sunday

Hi Mom,

We had a very lazy Sunday at the here. They got up and puttered 
around. I did my happy dance, butt wiggle. They both think that is so 
endearing of me. I think they like to get me all riled up just so I 
shake my money maker.

I followed the lady outside in the morning. Most dogs are weird and run 
right out to the yard to go potty. Not me, I like to hang out on the 
deck. I think the lady likes to wait me out to see if I will go in the 
yard by myself. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I like to wait and see if she 
will waddle her fat ass to the yard. Then I fly down there and do a 
courtesy piddle. Just to make her feel better. I have found several dead 
flat mice that they didn't know about. Aren't I clever? I bring them to 
the lady and she gags a bit. Then she runs in the house and yells for 
the guy to come get my treasure. I like to help provide for the family. 
They both praise the heck out of me when I bring them something like 
this. I don't think the lady is sincere, but we all pretend. Its fun for 

I'm proud to report I had NO accidents in the house. Not a one.

The buffet is losing its charm for me. When people keep growling, "Leave 
it" That kind of sucks.

They are letting me hop up on the couch and chair. The lady sat on the 
couch and I wouldn't hop up when she was there. The man picked me up and 
put me next to her and I just had to show her my soft puppy belly.

I found a lovely lamp cord and started to chew on that. I was chewing on 
a wooden laundry basket. It breaks up the day.  They have given me raw 
hides, I enjoy them. I killed the stuffed bunny you sent me. I pulled 
out most of its stuffing. Aren't I clever?

We had a break through with those stupid cats. I keep following the old 
one and licking her head and sniffing her butt. She is so bitchy, she 
turns on a dime and hisses at me. They man and lady are surprised 
because normally that old bat is slower than molasses going up hill both 
ways. I must be good for her to get her moving. The black cat is still 
not impressed with me. You see, I look like I'm going to lick them but 
really I try to nibble their hair a bit. The white cat actually laid 
across from me. He didn't hiss. The people went, "Awwww" and got all 
excited about it. I have a feeling we will be buddies, but they need to 
chill the heck out first!

They gave me a "new to me bed" its huge! I like to lay on the very edge 
of it. Kind of like a lady who is laying on her side in a lounging 
chair. I did lay on the whole thing at one point. I napped a lot. These 
people wear me out!!

At bed time I thought I would try to hop up on the bed. They didn't fly 
with them. The man made a noise and told me "down!" So I got down. They 
seem to think the cats need a haven from little old me. Blah!

They went to work today so I have the run of the land. They did put a 
baby gate up so I can't get to the hallway that I have peed on before. 
Also, I can't get to the yummy lamp cord that they put up too. Spoil Sports!

I'm starting to come to my name. The guy likes to say Kitty, Kitty, 
which sounds like Katie and amuses him. The lady calls me when I'm in 
the yard and I come a flying! They are working on teaching me to sit. I 
have to sit before we can go in the house and I have to wait too.

Hope you have a great day!

Busy, Busy Day!

I was so NOT impressed with the bath


Yesterday was exhausting! Both of the people were home so they thought we should all have some fun. Their version of fun and my version of fun or two verrry different things. They wanted to go for a long walk. The only problem is, I really don’t want to get in the car. If only they could just fly me places.

The man read about how to get a dog in the car on their own. Its a long process with sucks for me. They put my long leash on the opposite side of the back seat. Then the lady told me to “Load Up” I tugged and tugged with all my might, against getting in that car. They were patient, and I was annoyed. 4 times they tried this stupid “Load Up” thing.  Then if you can believe it, they thought I should actually “Wait” in the car when the door was open. WTH? Wait? I wanted to get out of there as quick as I could. When we were finally done with our torture session, they went to shut the door, I tried to bolt as quick as I can. I’m trying to show them that I have a clue and am smarter than they are. Don’t ask how that’s going for me.

We stopped at Target and the man went in and the lady stayed with me. When the man came back, he kind of sounded like a girl. He said to the lady, “You won’t believe the cute little raw hides I found for her! They are so tiny” These people are figuring out I’m much cheaper to keep entertained with treats and stuff. I’m easy like a Sunday morning. Also, I’m smaller.

Next we went to Two Moon Park and walked about a mile and a half. You would be so proud of me mom! I didn’t tug on my leash. I walked like I had been walking on a leash for years. I would run on a head a bit, the leash would tug when it stopped and I would run back to the people. I had to check on them. I didn’t want them to get lost. The man is looking forward to the day that I know my name and come back so he can let me run. We ran into a pack of 3 Golden retrievers, one was a puppy. I was so happy, we all had a good sniff and became fast friends. The puppy was a little annoying, it got close to me and got us tangled in my leash, I gave it a little love nip to put it in line. When they started leaving, I wanted to follow. They were a nice pack and I wanted to be included too. *sigh* I did spot a squirrel and flew to the end of my long leash to get it. I stopped short but did spook a pheasant. The guy thought that was pretty cool. He said that their old dog used to find deer. I saw one too but it freaked me out.

I was pretty pooped after such a long walk. Whew! I was ready for bed. However, the day was not done yet. These people thought that I smelled. Can you believe that? They wanted me to have a BATH!!! They took me to a place where they could bathe me themselves. I was pretty darn nervous, I don’t mind telling you that. I shook a bit. They got a ton of soap on me. The lady said to tell you she would post pictures on facebook and tag you. They they used this big thing with air that blew all over me and made lots of noise. I didn’t think that was so special. Finally, they both brushed me to a nice soft coat. I don’t look like the same dog! I have a tinge of red in my fur that was covered by dirt. I even feel soft! That little ordeal really exhausted me because I slept the whole way home. My body and my mind were all tuckered out.

One the cat front, things are getting a little better. I love those cats. They come running and I sniff and they run away. The youngest cat is even walking past me now. Its only a matter of time, before he falls in love with my charms and we can play! I know it. I think the bath helped. I don’t smell like a stinky dog. I smell like dog, but they can’t smell me from across the room. They have to get a little closer now.

I did have an accident in the house, or started too but they caught me. So they threw me outside and I had to be out there for a while. That’s ok, I climbed up on a chair and looked over the land.

I’m not sure what is in store for me today. I hope good things. The lady is going to add a page on her blog of the letters I send you. She thinks people might be interested in me. But of course, because I’m beautiful, smart and amazing. Who wouldn’t be?


Trying to Get Used to My New Home

Dear Momma,

Another note from me so you know what is going on in this weird place.

Let me start by saying the cats here go from cranky bitches to scary cats! The man and lady were joking about coming back to your house and getting that cat that knew how to treat a dog. But then they started talking about the three cats here already being stressed out due to me. Blah, blah. Its all about the cats. What about me? I’m under stress with these standoffish cats. All I want is someone to snuggle with and they either hiss at me or run away. The cat I like to try to bond with is their oldest cat. She doesn’t appreciate me sniffing her butt.  (See what I mean about standoffish bitch?) However, she is the only one willing to be in the same room with me right now. They keep bringing the cats over to me and my tail is just a wagging! Then the cats either hiss or run away. They seem to think that by getting the cats used to me, one of them might take pity on me and be my friend. So far the old lady will tolerate me, so they must know what they are doing. I really was happy when they dragged they black cat out to see me. So happy that I tried to lay down right next to her. I miss having something furry to snuggle with. She was not impressed. The one they thought I would get along with best, actually sat in the same room with me!! I think they think I smell like dog. Is that profiling?  Do we have a case to sue?

I’m still loving that buffet. The man and lady are joking about making a sign to  hang over it that says, ‘All you can eat buffet” However, it will make them keep the door partially closed and maybe they will clean it more often. So that is a good thing.

I’m about 80% leash trained. I don’t really tug at the leash, unless something spooks me. The man is really patient. Yesterday, we got to meet one of his neighbors, one they never would have met with their old dog. I was spooked and tried to flee when the guy came up to us. The man asked the guy to please wait a second and then come talk to me. He was saying something about how I can’t be a scardy cat and need to learn how to meet and greet. The neighbor was really nice and came over to pet me and then we were buddies. He said that the thought I looked like I had blue heeler in me because the markings on my legs. Strange dog barks freak me out. I think that’s because of my upbringing on the rez. The guy is trying to help me get confident.

As for the potty situation here. Can you believe they don’t have a doggy door and expect me to go outside when they take me out there? I didn’t pee or poop once on my long walk. Then when the lady went outside I hung out on the deck. She moved her lazy ass and stood in the yard for a bit. That made me go into the yard and I actually went outside! She praised the heck out of me. This morning, I peed outside again. I think I might be getting the hang of it.

They bought me a rawhide yesterday. One of those kind with no knot at the end. I’m loving that thing. I don’t appreciate them laughing at me when I chew on it. I can’t quite figure out how to hold it between my paws when I chew. It keeps slipping. They were amazed at the price of raw hides and how much cheaper they are when they are for dogs my size.

They keep saying “Katie” and when I look at them they pet me to beat the band. Are they trying to tell me something?

Today we will all be home. Yea! I hope that a cat might grace me with a glance or something.

Have a good day and know that I seem to be doing ok in this nuthouse.


P.S. Here is the link from that place those folks get rawhide’s from.
Rawhide Distributors

My First Day

Me trying to look adorable my first night

Hi Momma,

The nice lady is writing this for me.

Last night when they finally got me in the car I was so clever! They had backed the car out a bit and I hit the button to open the window and flew out of the car. I ran up to your steps quick like a bunny. The man came and brought me back in the car. They realized that with me they need to use the child lock feature on their windows!

The car ride was not bad. I didn’t yelp or whine. I stood right between them booth all the way to Lookwood. I wanted to get in the front seat, but they decided that wasn’t such a special idea. So I hung my head between the two of them and just watched the ride.

When we got to this house I was nervous. I wasn’t happy with a leash, they have one that is retractable, so I can go pretty far before I stop short. The man tried to get me up the steps and I dug in hard! I wasn’t going up those steps for love or money. With a ton of patience, I finally went up the stairs.

I saw three cats and they scattered like leaves in the wind when they saw me. I’m not much bigger than they are. I laid down and they kept calling me “Katie” a few times when I looked at them when they said Katie, I got a treat! I think I might start paying attention to that. Jackpot!

The man took me outside because I was at the door crying. We had the same fight getting up the stairs after a mini walk. I didn’t have to go potty. Then I went to the door and cried some more. They decided to take me on a long walk. You would be so proud of me, I only tugged heard on my leash a couple times. They are learning that I spook really easy. Then I tug on that long leash for all I’m worth. The guy is really patient and just waits me out. I didn’t go potty. They were starting to worry about me. The lady laid on the living floor, she was ignoring me, and so I had to go sit by her for a bit. I like to follow her around. I’ve even licked her a couple times.

Finally, it was bed time. What a busy day for me. I did take a quick puppy nap when I got here, but was too nervous to actually sleep. The cats came out to watch me. They have a nice blanket on the floor at the foot of their bed. IT took me a while to come in the bedroom, those darn cats were on the bed and staring at me. *shudder* I discovered that they had an all you can eat buffet in the bathroom. It has sand in it and those cats like to go in there and scratch around. They decided that I was not going to be eating at this fine buffet and shut the door a bit so I couldn’t get in. I slept on the floor by the guy. At 4:30 the lady got up. I got up to greet her but was not going outside that late.

About 6:30 the lady took me out in the back yard. I stayed on the steps. Then we came back in and I had an accident. Just a small one, but they were happy I went potty. I think I will get the hang of life here after a while.

That’s my update. I didn’t want you to worry about me.

Dirvish but maybe Katie