I’m a Foster Puppy, Kind of sort of

This has been a busy, busy, weekend. No rest for the wicked. On Saturday Big Dog took me to Norm’s Island to run around. Not many dogs to play with there. That was sad, so I didn’t get rid of my energy.

Big Dog dropped me off to see Momma and Momma Sheri at PetSmart. I was going to play with the puppies, they are so cute! However, I really was too much of a wild child. I hopped out and ran into the street. So I had to go in the kennel that had a door and was too high to jump out of. That will teach me. Everyone wanted to know what I was. Momma Sheri told them I was a Whirling dervish dingo. Well if people ask a silly question……

Momma took me to Norm’s Island again. We didn’t find anyone to play with until we were close to leaving. We ran into Ms. Trish, Mr. Trish and their dog Pepper. They told me Pepper was having an off day because she usually runs and runs. I did get her to play with me for a while, which was fun. Our parents got to visit a bit. Pepper is very pretty. Her tail is all fancy nancy. She is mostly a Border Collie. I was so glad to have someone to play with for awhile.

Now the exciting news. Well Momma and Big Dog thinks its exciting, me I’m not so sure. Momma Sheri has close to 40 nursing puppies and 3 momma dogs at her house. Not to mention the other dogs that need homes. Well Momma Sheri was told about a new momma dog and her 6 puppies that were on a reservation. Momma Sheri talked to the people and asked if she could bring the them to Billings so they could be fostered. Also, Momma Sheri will have them all fixed! The Momma dog and runt will go back to their family after they are fixed.

These are the babies. Momma Sheri thinks they look like baby harp seals.

That means we have a Momma and six puppies at my house! They have a nice doghouse in the back. It will be nice and shaded. Momma Sheri also brought some fencing, I think to keep me out of seeing the puppies. The momma dog’s name is Princess. She is part rottweiler and part who knows what. She comes when her name is called. She loves Momma Sheri, she whimpered when Momma Sher left. I got to meet Princess and I don’t think she cares for me. I don’t know why? I only ran around her like my tail was on fire. I kept doing that and I don’t know if I made her dizzy or she saw me as a threat, but she growled at me. It wasn’t a play growl either. Oh, well she will have to get used to me.

Momma holding one of the babies.

Today I’m going to go to the new dog park in the Heights. Until they, I’m just going to lay around and whine. I want to go outside and see the other dog. Its my yard you know. Momma and Big Dog want the momma to get used to our yard before I can go explore. So I lay around and whine and whine and whine some more. Good thing I was busy yesterday, I’m not as active today and will take a cat nap now and then.

Wish us luck on our new adventure. I hope the momma dog learns to get used to me. If not, I will just have to wait until she goes back to her home then I can play with her babies! I’m sure I can teach them some fun new tricks.

Pictures shameless stolen from Sheri Aanstad Lee’s Facebook page

A Busy Day at the Dog Spot

We had fun running with this rope toy. All together now!

Can you guess where I went yesterday? Give up? The Dog Spot!! I know. It’s hard to believe that it’s one of my most favoritest places to go – EVER! A girl can only torment her cats for so long. Every once in a while she needs to play with fur kids who are like her and who actually want to play with her.

I had my chauffeur and chef drive me into town. The windows were down and I monitored the speed in the best way possible. There is nothing like the feel of freedom you get with a wind in your face and fresh scent wafting into the nostrils. We started slowing down and I felt that familiar hump as we got off the main drive and into the parking lot. It didn’t take long for me to know right where I was. I leashed up, pretended like the servants didn’t even exist and tried my best to take control of the situation. I tried to sprint for the door but came up short. Darn that chain thing that Big Dog holds on to. The other kids were excited to see me. They started barking and wiggling when I showed up. I know they were thinking, “Yeah, Katie is here!” Momma and Big Dog think  that they are saying, “Oh, no! Katie is here. She never stops going. Our workout begins now. Nooooooo!!” Big Dog did that annoying thing, again. You know, the one where he makes me get calm before I can go play.  Going to The Dog Spot is like the t.v. show “Cheers.” Everyone knows your name. I get near rock star treatment when they come up to welcome me for the day.

I was playing ref with the bigger kids. "Ready, Set, Go!!"

Lots of dogs to play with today. Big dogs, little dogs, not many medium dogs. We don’t care. We all play and play and play some more. I like that. I made sure to greet each of the dogs when I got there this morning. Just so they knew I was around in case they wanted to talk toys, run with me, or anything else. I join in almost any game. Sometimes I like to pretend to be the referee.

I want that treat sooooo bad!!

Here I am practicing self control. That is a really hard one for most dogs to learn. Today we a played an interesting game. The gals who work there gave me a treat. They put it in front of me and I didn’t lunge to get it. I wanted it really bad. I got really close to it to smell it, but didn’t take it. Finally, they gave it to me and I ate it. That was a workout in itself! Whew!

When the folks picked me up, Momma asked how to put bows in my hair so that they will stay. I like to look my best when I prance around. The gals showed Momma how they made bows and even gave me a pair of my own!! Momma got to pick which pair out of a whole box of them. Then they showed her how to put them in my hair. I look all Fancy Nancy now!

When I got home I was beat! I went onto my bed and feel asleep right away! I didn’t even have time get the bows out my hair. A pups life is hard you know. Busy, busy, busy!

I was so tired. Notice my pretty bows!

The Dog Spot has a coupon page now. If you act super fast, then you can get a deal on a pass for your pup to play at the Dog Spot at a great price!  While you are there, poke around for a bit and take a look at the Doggy Daycare and the New to the Pack pages. My picture is on those pages. You can meet some of my friends too. If you like their Facebook page, you can see pictures of the dogs who are in daycare for the day. It’s fun to see the dogs. Momma and Big Dog are always so tickled when they see pictures from the days that I’m there. It’s almost like a Puppy/Nanny cam, but less obnoxious. Like their page. It will make you smile! It will make them smile too.

Pictures shamelessly stolen from The Dog Spot Facebook Album

I’m a Helper Bee!

Momma made my collar all fancy. Randy tore most of it off by the end of the day. That's ok. He is little and doesn't know any better.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Momma Sheri, my Momma who found me, was taking some of the dogs to PetSmart. Its a nice way for her to find homes for the dogs who people don’t find on Petfinder. Momma and I went over to help. That meant I got to play with dogs and have everyone come pay homage to my beauty. Such a tough life I live.

When we got there I was bending myself in half to get to Momma Sheri. She loved me up for a bit. I walked near a dog named Kyra and she was a crab. Momma Sheri thinks she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Kyra growled at me! She also looked like she wanted to have me for breakfast. Yikes! So Kyra was put in a kennel with the big dogs. I went into the baby kennel. Randy, the chocolate lab puppy was in the kennel. So was a cute little black, loving fuzz ball. Momma spent a lot of time snuggling with him. Randy is a holy terror. He is all boy and all puppy! If my Momma thought I bounced and was naughty, Randy showed her that I was a dream. He was kind of naughty.

Randy and I both hopped out of the kennel. I don’t know what he was up to, but I wanted to let people touch me. I also wanted to get to Momma and eat a piece of her pizza. Who can blame me? Dog food or pizza? Which would you want? Both of the Mommas were very thankful that we didn’t take off into traffic. We both stayed near by to make it easy for them to catch us.

I got to meet a lot of people! Everyone wanted to pet me and love me up. Of course, a girl has to give her adoring fans what they want. Momma was getting frustrated with me being such an attention whore. After all, I was not being adopted, the other kids were. Momma Sheri and my Momma could have adopted me out all day. Not to brag, but my unique coloring made everyone come stop and pet me. Toward the end of the day, Momma was getting a bit overwhelmed by everyone asking about me. One of the last people said to her, “What can you tell me about this dog?” (Meaning me) Momma replied, “Well, I can tell you that she is mine.”

Everyone was sleeping, except me.

Everyone played the game,  “Guess what it is” Again,  everyone had to guess what I was. Hyena, coyote, fox, heeler, dingo…….? Momma Sheri would tell folks, “She is a one of a kind dervish” That made me proud. I’m unique, not like everyone else. Momma Sheri told us that she has NEVER seen a dog like me on the Reservation before. That means I’m special. My folks need to keep that in mind when I’m digging in the garden and tormenting my cats.

My friend, Ms. Trish, stopped by to say hello. She loved me up and told me how pretty I was. She also got to snuggle with the baby puppy. Between Momma, Momma Sheri and Trish, I didn’t have to go to a new home. They all were pretty adamant that I had a home and was only their to play with the puppies.

Two puppies were adopted out. They were cute and little. Some people paid attention to the older dogs. They were nice dogs and should have furever homes too.  I think people forgot that older dogs are sweet dogs too. They focus on the puppies. Like Big Dog always says, “Puppies get bigger. They don’t stay puppies for forever,” Preach on Big Dog, Preach on.

Doggie Daycare and Kitty Kisses

As many of you may know, I went to The Dog Spot on Monday for doggie daycare. I had a wonderful time. It wore me out!  It didn’t wear me out for long. My ADD kicked back into high gear on Wednesday. I was digging in Big Dog’s garden, chasing my cats, and racing around the house like it was a race track. I was bouncing like a Mexican Jumping Bean riding a sugar high. I think that you get the idea. The folks decided to take me back to the Dog Spot to play with other dogs and maybe me calm down a little. Blah. There is nothing wrong with using my yard and house for a race track. Is there?

Look at all this room to play!

Thursday, I got to go in the car with my parents. I was my usual excited self. I bounced from window to window and then onto the console between the seats. Wherever could we be going? I knew it would be an adventure and fun for me. Car rides almost always lead to the best outing ever. Suddenly, the car stopped and we were at The Dog Spot!! My tail started to bend me in half I was shaking with excitement!! Whooo Whoo!! I know where we are. Let the terrorizing playing begin. The staff remembered me and gave me lots of loving. It just goes to show how popular I am. I have my own fan base. Ok, to be honest, they are great with all the dogs that get brought in. I just like to think I’m special. I was shaking with excitement and greeting the gals when I got there. Big Dog wanted to wait for me to be calm before I got to see my dog friends. He can be such a downer sometimes. My mind is racing a million miles and hour, I’m shaking like I need a doggie playtime fix and he thinks I need to sit for a minute. Whatever, Dad! You just don’t get it. It is so hard for a puppy to sit still with so much sensory stimulus. I realized that I had to appease him to get what I wanted so I sat and acted really calm, kind of, and looked up at him with adoring puppy dog eyes. Gets him every time. He undid my leash and told me that I was a Free Dog.

It was Jessica’s birthday yesterday. She is one of the nice gals who helps make sure that we all play nice. I think we should have had a birthday party for her. The Dog Spot has a special room for birthdays. Did you know that? Its true! They have a party room, and provide everything you need to have a special birthday party for your furry pet. Check out the link above because its pretty cool. Jessica is not furry, at least, not as far as I can tell, and probably wouldn’t like a doggy cake anyway. Maybe that is why we didn’t have a puppy party for her. If it were up to me we would have had two parties for her.

Doesn't he look like a party animal?

I was kind of hoping to see Wilson again when we got there. Wilson is a totally cute golden that I met on Monday. He didn’t show up. It wasn’t like we had a date or anything. I was just kind of hoping. Anyway, We had enough dogs stop by to keep me busy and take my mind off him. Among others, there was Ben and two girls named Lexi! One Lexi was big and the other was little. Of course, Tusk and Maya were there too.We had a blast. I made sure to play with everyone! When my folks came to pick me up, all the dogs were laying around waiting for their parents. Guess who was still running around like a whirling dervish? I’ll give you three guesses and one subtle hint. It was me!!

I was still pretty bouncy on the ride home. I had a great day and still some energy to spare. I flew to my water bowl when we got home. (I got all worked up in the car and needed to quench my thirst) Something really cool happened while I was drinking. My favorite victim, er cat Luke, came over to give me kitty kisses. All together now, Awwwwww, he missed me. He sniffed my ears and kissed my head. We like to play fight all the time, so it was nice to know that he misses me when away. It makes a girl feel loved.

My lil' buddy Capt. Luke. He is such a helper bee!

I overheard Big Dog and Momma talking. They said something about me going back to the Dog Spot on Wednesday! How long is it until Wednesday? I’m a dog, I don’t do dates well. They should know this. Maybe I should chase the cats. Is Momma going out back? I like it when Big Dog scratches my back. I wonder why they say that I have A.D.D.

Remember to check out The Dog Spot Facebook page to claim your 50% off a first grooming.

(Pictures are from The Dog Spot…..except of course Capt. Luke. They don’t have kitties there for use to chase. Darn it!)

The Dog Spot

I thought that my adoption day was the best day, ever! Just when I thought that it could not get any better, something amazing happened! Did you know that there are places where other dogs are gathered together just for my personal entertainment? There is! I am not kidding. There really is such a place! Not only that, but I think that I am in love.

Yesterday was a busy and, oh, so exciting day! I went to Doggie Daycare! Momma saw an advertisement for 1/2 off a dog’s first grooming. It is a new place in town called The Dog Spot. It’s right here in Billings at 1749 Grand Ave. Momma decided to see if they could tame my lovely puppy locks. The gal who answered the phone was very helpful and friendly. They were able to get me in right away. How cool is that? Momma and Big Dog decided that we might as well try out the doggie day care for the day as well. Boy, I’m so glad they did.

Lets get this party started!

I was pretty excited when I got to go in the car with my folks on a weekday morning. Normally, I watch them out the window when they leave. Not yesterday, I got to load up and go on a ride. Whoo-hoo!! We ended up going to this strange and new place. I was a bit nervous at first. I’m not great about entering strange buildings, yet. I always have to hunker down for a bit until I feel comfortable enough to enter. One can never be sure what dangers lay in wait behind closed doors. Big Dog gently stretched my neck with the leash until I gathered up my courage and made the leash go loose again. Big Dog might be patient, but he is really persistent. Anyway, I tamed my fear and crossed over the threshold. Wow! I was amazed. It’s a HUGE building. Very clean and very open. There are lots of places for puppies and dogs to run around. I could sense that there were some potential victims, er, friends busy playing somewhere in there.

Allison greeted us when we arrived. She was so nice. Momma had to give her my paperwork. Just like a kid daycare, Momma had to give some information about who my vet is, if I bit anyone, as if, and so on. Then she played with same papers for my grooming. Those forms are right on The Dog Spot website, so Momma filled them out before they dropped me off. That meant I could get to playing sooner and did not have to wait at the desk. I’m busy you know, I have precious little time to be waiting. Momma asked Jessica to take some pictures of me playing. She explained that I have a famous blog and wanted to share my day with all three of my fans. Momma and Big Dog got a sneak peak of the play area, all 3,000 square feet! That’s a lot of room for dogs to run around.

The dogs were busy running and playing with Allison when they peeked inside. Finally, it took them forever and it bored me, they left to go to work. I was a little nervous going in with these new dogs. All of them were bigger than me and some were a bit noisy. However, the fear was short lived. I don’t know of a party that I cannot liven up. Momma and Big Dog didn’t immediately drive away. They watched me through the window to be sure I was okay with this. What worry warts they are. Sheesh. I got this, I’m in my element with other dogs around. I can really work a crowd.

Look at me go!!

I played and played and played and, then played some more. For some reason the Day Care gals thought I was the ring leader. I don’t quite get that. Maybe you can figure it out. Not to be a name dropper but, Truman, Tuscany, Lexie, Maya, my new boyfriend Wilson, and I had a wonderful day. We ran a lot. Wilson is a cool name. He and I became fast friends. We played so hard that two leggeds had to separate us for a bit so we would drink. We each drank a bowl of water and returned to the party. I did end up taking a tiny little dog nap to energize. We were soon up and moving again. Someone had to keep the party going. Big Dog likes to call me his, “party girl” You know when I’m around everyone is going to be running and playing. Especially, me!

Isn't he a doll baby?

I did take some time off to get my hair and nails done. Wilson is soooo cute. I could hardly wait to strut my new doo. It was a long day and my folks finally came back to get me. They were amazed at how beautiful I was. They had asked Clare to trim up the fur around my bottom, but could never imagine all the other “shaping” that Clare could do for me. My face really stands out now. She trimmed around my legs and somehow cleaned up the fur on my back. Clare trimmed my nails, brushed my teeth, and even gave me a snazzy bandana to wear. I love the shampoo they used. It makes my fur lots softer. I don’t think that my folks expected that someone would take such great care and extra attention to make me look even more beautiful than I already am. Big Dog grumbled about paying to have me groomed, until he saw me. Remember when they gave me a bath? This is much better and so worth the money!  I have a feeling that I will see Clare again.

I was happy to see the folks, but oh so very tried. When we were driving home, I kept closing my eyes while I was standing between them in the car. We stopped for a bit so Big Dog could get some plants and I took a pup nap in the back seat. That was a rare feat indeed. We finally got back home. I just kept flopping on the floor and sleeping. When Momma got up to go outside I followed her, but fell asleep, face first, in some dirt from a planter that the wind knocked over. I slept and slept. I think the cats thought I was dead as I didn’t bother them at all. Not once.

You can't catch me.

The Dog Spot has been open since May 1st. of this year. Right now they have a special running for the month of May. Get 1/2 off your dog’s first grooming! What a great way to get your dog all spiffed up for the summer. While you are there, be sure to sign them up for daycare. Add them as a friend on Facebook. It’s a good way to go look at their facilities; to see pictures of dogs; and to get involved. You never know, you might see my smiling face. They have a coupon on their Facebook Page right now for the 1/2 off grooming. Go claim yours before the end of the May 2012.

The Dog Spot is also doing a nice thing to give back to the community. If your dog is a recent adoption, they will give your pup a free trial at day care. My Momma really likes that because how can you know if your newly adopted pup will like day care? It allows your new fur kid to try daycare and see if its for them. I warn you, they will be hooked!

My fancy new doo and spiffy scarf!

I can’t wait to go back and hope to see you there!
Tell them Katie sent you.

Thank you to Allison Egan for taking all the great pictures and letting me share them on my blog. If you click the pictures you can make them bigger.

I Need a Doggy Trading Card

Sorry I have not posted for a while. The folks have been lazy so I haven’t done anything exciting lately. I have kept busy chasing the cats. That is a full-time job. You need to chase them and nibble them and chase them some more.

Yesterday, Momma told Big Dog that we had to go play. Its been rainy here, so not much chances to go outside and run around. Its surprising that Momma wanted to get out and move. She is usually quite lazy. Don’t tell her I told you that.

We went to our favorite spot, Norm’s Island. We knew I would find lots of victims playmates. It was a virtual pupapalousa! More dogs than you can wag your tail at! Big ones, little ones, medium size ones. It was hard to figure out who to play with first.

I love to run up and greet people and their fur kids. As usual, the first question is, “What kind of dog is she?” Yesterday, people said that I looked like a: Jackal, Dingo and Hyena. Momma wants to make up trading cards with my picture and my “stats” on them. My age, size, favorite activity and all the breeds I could be. Most people have dogs that are one or two very definite things. Not me, I’m a whole smorgasbord of stuff.

There were Labs, Boarder Collies, Corgis and so on to play with. One little Boarder Collie wanted to play in a different way. His dad said that he was 6 months old and just learned something new. I didn’t like this new game. I’m not that kind of girl you know. You can’t just meet me on the trail and think I’m your girlfriend. Yuk! So they took their boy away.

I got to run in the water and play as well. Big Dog wants to teach me to swim. He told Momma that he can’t wait to take me to Lake Superior. Whatever that is. Something about the water being cold. Momma calls me her water baby. Since she loves the water so much, it makes her happy I do too.

My picture is of me looking all pretty. Momma wanted to buy bows for my hair. Big Dog just shook his head and muttered stuff. I think I look purtiful. Momma needs to figure out a way to get them to stay in my hair. I can’t wear them when I got play. However, if we are going on errands or something, a girl needs to look her best.

That’s all the news that is fit to print!


I’m Famous!

Exploring Norm's Island before I got busy with other puppies.

Saturday was another busy and fun day. Before I get into that, I just have to brag a little. I’m famous!! People know who I am! We stopped by PetSmart yesterday and a nice lady stopped to ask my folks, “Is this Katie?” We were all a little surprised by that. She was so very kind to come tell us that she reads my blog and loves it! My Momma has been blogging forever and nobody recognizes her. We were so happy she stopped to asked if I was me. I was, and right there in the flesh. I had to prance around a bit just to show off.

We stopped by PetSmart to pick up a ball and to get me out in public. Something about socialization, but I ignore the big words. We also wanted to say hi to  Roxy. She is a dog that Momma Sheri had and the folks debated about having her here for a bit. However, she got adopted yesterday!!  She got adopted by a lady my Momma knows! How cool is that? The nice lady has dogs of her own and has a cool job working with wildlife animals. Momma and Big Dog were so happy to be able to know where Roxy was going. She has a great fur ever home!

It was time to go to Norm’s Island so I could work off some energy. It started out really slow. Nobody to play with at all. We were all kind of bummed. Suddenly, it picked up and my dance card was full! My first buddy was a tubby corgi. I knocked him over a couple times while we were playing. He could run, Momma was so surprised to see this butterball on stubs run. I had to show off so I flew off an embankment and into the water about 6 or 8 times. It was steep, but I didn’t care. A couple times I wasn’t able to get back up, I slipped. The only thing hurt was my pride.

Next we ran into a lab/shepherd puppy my age. He was really big and really tall. I couldn’t get him to fall down, so I would run and hop up to hip check him. That big boy stayed up the entire time. We ran and played. He ran over the top of me a couple times. His folks were worried, but it was all good. I didn’t even notice it. We ran into a pair of pit bull brothers. I have two dogs to play with at the same time! We chased, ran, lunged and a whole bunch of other things.

Towards the end we ran into a lady with a blue heeler and a sweet little dog. I forgot what kind she was. At least I didn’t step on her. We had a great time romping around and exploring. While our folks were talking, other people walked by and we had them join in the fun too. At one point it was five dogs playing at one time. I was so darn busy. I was bouncing all over the place and didn’t know what to do next.

Finally, the party was over and it was time to come home. I had a busy, busy day. Momma told Momma Sheri that I feel asleep after all that running around. Momma Sheri wanted to see a picture. (She doesn’t think I sleep because I’m such a bundle of energy.)

This last picture is me after a busy day of playing. My folks were in the kitchen and I wanted to sleep by Momma. I had to drag one of my beds intothe kitchen so I could be close. Whew! What a day.

Nobody to Play With

This week Big Dog, Momma and I went to the dog park in our town. We were all pretty excited about it. The two of them seem to like when I play with the other fur kids. I like to play with them as well. We rumble, tumble and rough house.

We went after work and I was shaking my body so hard I almost bent in half. That is my usual “Oh, boy!” excited dance. Kind of like a pee-pee dance but different. They put my leash on me and were were off. There was this yippe little bulldog, I thought I could play with her, but no dice. Her Momma moved her away and the folks wanted to keep moving. Too bad. I bet I could have run over the top of her.

Eventually, we arrived at the dog park area! It has a fence so all the dogs can run and play off leash. Nobody was there. *pout* I ran around and sniffed to beat the band. I went down an embankment and played in the water. Then I would race around really fast! Big Dog threw a ball and I ran to it, sniffed it and left it there. That way he would find it later when he wanted it. I’m helpful like that.

After about 20 minutes two young men came walking through the dog park. OH, BOY! I went running for them like my hair was on fire!! Surely they would want to play with a poor puppy who has not playmates. They petted me and told me how unusual I was. While they were walking I would bounce next to them and run off. Then I would race to them again. I was sure they wanted me to go with them, so I tried to follow. Big Dog told me to come back. Spoil sport. We waited a while longer for another victim, I mean friend, but no one came. So it was time to go home. No puppies to play with.

Next time I’m sure there will be a puppy around to play with. I can just feel it!

My Adoption Day!

Relaxing with my toys after a busy day

Yesterday was quite exciting. Big Dog and Momma officially adopted me and welcomed me into the pack. We spent the day in celebration!! I was too pooped to party by the time my Adoption Day was done.

The day started by getting into a car to go for a ride. I hopped in the car all by myself. (Insert applause here as I curtsy most graciously) Yes, I just got in the car like I had been doing it all my life and had not ever been afraid to ‘load up’. Big Dog and Momma were very happy with me and gave me a yummy treat. They rolled down the back windows a little bit so I could feel the cool breeze wafting the surrounding scents into my ever sniffing nose. These guys really know how to treat a girl.

We hit the highway and sped off to see Momma Sheri to finalize my adoption. You should have seen my body wiggle when I saw her!! I was wiggling and bouncing all around her. She had a few of the little puppies with her at PetSmart. She was finding new homes for some of them. Momma Sheri gave the folks all my paperwork with my shot records and so on. The bestest thing was the pretty collar Momma Sheri gave me. It had flowers all around it!  I’m a pretty girl and deserve to wear flowers. I know that you are all jealous of me. Go ahead and admit it.

The folks decided that we should go into PetSmart. I didn’t think that was such a special idea. I tried to plant my feet and flatten out on the ground so we wouldn’t move. Have you ever tried to do that on linoleum? It doesn’t really stop you. You can’t blame a girl for trying. Big Dog waited patiently for me to get my bearings and off we went. I acted really cute and friendly. I was making friends left and right. The best dog of the day at PetSmart was a HUGE St. Bernard. He was a big boy and could have easily eaten me whole. If he had sat on me, I would have been dead. We kept greeting each other. He had a bit of a drool problem, so I helped to clean off his mouth. I’m a helper. There were soooooo many people and dogs for me to meet and greet. My butt was wagging me all over the place. I almost felt like a fish flopping around trying to get up a waterfall.

We left PetSmart and headed over to a special place for dogs. It’s called Norms Island. Dogs get to run free and play there. Big Dog and Momma thought it was time to see how I would do off leash. Of course, I did wonderfully. Did you had any doubts? I really liked one of the first ladies that we encountered. I liked her so much that I leaped into the air and hit her full broadside in the thighs. I almost knocked her down. Has anyone said that I get a little excited sometimes? The folks were really surprised as I had never done this before. Momma told my Uncle Joel about this and he thought that she must have had a good meat scented perfume or something. Yeah, that’s it. We walked along and found a 6 month old lab/shepherd to play with. This was the best dog that I met the whole day – aside from the massive Saint Bernard at PetSmart. His folks were happy that I was around to help tire him out. We ran and ran and ran. I chased him. He chased me. We wrestled. Then we ran some more. We had a blast. It was the first time my folks had a dog that could really play nicely with others. They seemed to really appreciate how friendly I was. They were smiling and laughing. I think that is good. All good things must come to an end, I guess. My new buddy and his pack started walking away and I thought that I would follow along. Our folks didn’t think that was such a special idea. Big Dog had to get my attention and help me focus on our pack. We did find more dogs to play with on the island. It is a really cool place. We encountered a couple of older ladies that were taking a stroll through the island. They told me how much they liked my collar with the pretty flowers. I let them love me up for a bit, but we needed to keep moving. We were busy I tell ya!

Momma and Big Dog stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up a few things. I took a mini snooze in the car while they were away. Big Dog was nice enough to leave a nice jacket for me to lay on. They brought me back a hot dog when they returned. HOT DOG!!!

Just when I was starting to get a bit tired, we stopped Downtown so Big Dog could pick some stuff up from work. Momma and I kept walking around. We called Uncle Joel to let him know we were around. He came to tell  me how adorable I was. I was so busy. When Momma stopped for a bit, I would whine. I’m a busy girl and have things to do! Eventually, Big Dog was ready to go home. Off we went. We came home and I got some special treats and bones. Then it was time for me to pass out! I was exhausted.

That was the best day, EVER!  Tomorrow is even going to be better, I bet.

I Love My Vet

The Vets office has this cool front yard! How can you not love going to a place like this?

Yesterday, the folks took me to the vet. Getting into the car was not as much of a struggle. Big Dog sat in the driver’s side and Momma got me in. I didn’t fly in the car like it was a huge dog park, but I did get in.

The people at the vets office were so darn nice. Ann, the receptionist, had me sit and gave me some treats. It was a game and I won. Mooo ha ha. Everyone told me how pretty I was. I’m getting used to this, I’m pretty and I know it. Then they asked the folks about what kind of dog I am. I don’t know why people do that? It happens with human kids too, not just fur kids. My Auntie Jenny has two kids she adopted from Korea. One day she was shopping with them and someone said to her, “Ohhhh, they are so cute! Where did you get them?” She replied, “They were on clearance in isle 9.”  My folks have to think of something clever like that for me.

Finally, it was my turn to be seen. They wanted to weigh me, that is scary! I didn’t want to go on that big scale at all. It took some coaxing, but we got it done.  A lady really doesn’t like to talk about her weight, but I’m not proud. I weight 28.3 pounds. So you can see I’m not a big dog. We had to go see the Vet after that. She was very nice to me. I sat up on a table so she could listen to my heart, feel me and so on. After looking at my teeth she guessed I was about 10 months old. Big Dog owes Momma a nickle. Momma kept telling him she thought I was about 10 months. My Momma is a smart one. The Dr. told Momma and Big Dog that I was healthy. I sat on the table while everyone discussed what I might be. Terrier, Shepherd, Blue Heeler, Spitz. You name it and it could be me. Momma is just going to tell people, “She is anything you want her to be” That should take care of that.

When it was time to go home, Momma about wet herself. I actually got into the car on my OWN. Thank you very much. No fighting, no tugging or whining. I’m a big girl now. Well at least yesterday I was a big girl. We shall see what the next car ride brings. Keep your paws crossed for me that I can just hop in and enjoy going for a car ride.

What have we learned today? That it doesn’t matter what kind of breed/s I am.
I’m a healthy happy girl and that’s good enough for me and my family.