An Auntie’s Job is Never Done!

Its been a while since I have updated my blog. My Momma has been pretty busy. . I let her know that its time for a new blog post. I want to show off my puppies!

Inspecting the new puppies

I LOVE puppies! Ask my friends at The Dog Spot. Ask anyone who sees me with puppies. I love them! I like to be Auntie Katie and take care of them. Finally, Betty the Momma dog, is letting me do my job. Sheesh. It took her long enough. The other Momma’s let me do my job a lot sooner than this one. She has finally stopped growling at me when I look at her babies. Do you know how HARD it is for me to just look at them? I stand outside the cage and prance like I’m doing the pee-pee dance. Whining because I NEED to get in there and play with that. I need to clean them up. My folks think I would have made a good Momma dog if I wasn’t fixed. (They don’t want me to be a Momma dog. They just think that I have a knack for it.)

The day finally arrived that I was allowed in the pen with the puppies! Momma and I sat in the kennel together. Momma wanted to play with the puppies too. Let me tell you those puppies kept me hopping! They got so excited to see me that all 5 of them peed! So naturally, I had to spend the first few minutes cleaning them all up. That is very important. Heck, I still clean my brother, Patch. Ya, its gets a lot of funny looks at the dog park, because he is so big, but oh well. Its my JOB!

"Hello, big guy"

Brutus, the largest brown boy is a brute! He thinks my tail is a chew toy. It’s a good thing that my Daddy got me used to kids or people pulling on my tail. If he didn’t do that, I might have just snapped at Brutus. Instead, I ignored him and played with the girls. Sometimes they wiggle, so I have to hold them down. That is important. I can clean them better and flea bite their neck.

They wiggle so you have to hold them down.

Those little buggers were climbing all over me like ants! Tugging around my neck, climbing on my head and so on. Then someone would pee and I would have to stop everything to clean them up. Its busy when I go in there. It’s not all fun and games you know.

I’m hoping that my folks get off their lazy rears and get a video of me doing my job. That way I can share with my family and friends, taking care of my puppies.

Their Momma, Betty, will be getting fixed and going back to her home in about a week. Then my real job starts! They will cry and I will have to go take care of them. They will try to nurse of me and I will have to bat them away. I might even lay down with them for a bit and let them lay next to me. I’m a giver like that.

One of the puppies will be going back to the Reservation with his Momma. The other 4 will be up for adoption a bit before Christmas. They will be fixed and have their first round of puppy shots and wormed twice. I’ll do a good job taking care of them so they will be happy and healthy when they get adopted.

I’m not sure when the next batch of puppies will arrive, but I’ll be ready. I kind of hope they don’t have a Momma with them. The Momma’s cramp my style!

No Room At The Inn

We have a couple puppies in the dining room.

It’s been getting cold in Montana. Which means my foster puppies can’t be outside at night. Too cold for the little ones. When they whine, I walk by the cage and they all fly up to see me and quiet down.

Their Momma is a different story. She has an unhealthy obsession with my cats! When she sees one walk by she locks in on it like a fat kid with cake! Her eyes never leave the cat and she barks and tries to climb the baby corral. Big Dog takes her around the house on a leash, we know she is bored. That means my cats have to be locked in the bedroom. Good enough for them! Patch is always locked up with the folks go to work. Why shouldn’t the stinky cats see what its like now and then?

The folks forgot what it was like to have puppies in the house. Six puppies was a mess, imagine what 11 is like. Stinky, kind of. Their Momma is good about cleaning up some of the mess. I remember that Patch and his family lived in the baby corral. I hope that we don’t keep one of these puppies like we kept him. I’m done with new babies living with us all the time. I don’t mind these fosters, but I don’t need another little brother or sister. I have Patch trained,almost where I want him.

Patch wanted to see the puppies. He is too big for them.

Our nights are cozy. Momma and Big Dog lock us all in their bedroom. Me, Patch and the 3 cats. I’m not used to having the whole family in the bedroom at one time! I just lay by Momma’s side of the bed and try to ignore them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Then we get to hear the babies scream, cry for part of the night. I don’t think they enjoy being in their warm cozy bedroom.

My foster pups get to be fixed, whatever that is, on Monday. The Momma’s are going to drive them to the vet, with the pups Momma on Sunday. Then on Monday they will be back living with us again.  If you want one or two or three or Lily, here is their Petfinder listing: Even if you don’t want MY foster pups, you might want one of the other ones listed.

Inspecting my foster puppies

My Momma and Momma Sherri are going to PetSmart to find homes for some of the other, “kids” Big Dog has some errands to run, but I bet Lily will get to hang out with us later in the afternoon. Which means the cats get locked up again, Moooo ha ha!!

Never a dull moment here.

I Can’t Go to PetSmart Adoption Days Anymore

Doggy Jail: Dot on the left, Layla the blonde. She can jump 6 ft. fences, Me and Scamp doing that weird head thing.

On Saturday’s and Sunday’s Momma Sheri and my Momma go to PetSmart. They are trying to find homes for the puppies and dogs from the reservations.

Patch got to go with Momma on a Saturday to play with the puppies. I heard Momma tell Big Dog that Patch was kind of a whiny twit. He didn’t play with the puppies and clung to Momma or Momma Sheri like a bug on a windshield! I remember thinking that he was a freak for not wanting to play with other pups. What is wrong with that boy? He is my brother so I just go with the flow. Weirdo.

Today I got to go to PetSmart!!! My Momma came up with the not to bright idead of bringing me. She thought that if I hung around the older dog jail, people would see me and then see the older dogs.She really thought this was a smart idea. It was a drag waiting for the Momma’s to get everything set up. It took FOREVER! Shesh! I’m a busy girl and there were dogs to play with. I don’t have time to wait for them. However, I graced them with my patience and didn’t whine and try to fly out Momma’s car window. Yes, I’m a giver. I know.

I started out by kind of playing with the babies. I was good about making sure they were clean. Its the foster dog in me. I see a little puppy and make sure to wash them. I still do it to Patch. We get strange looks at the dog park, but a foster dog does what a foster dog needs to do. The little dogs were yipping and nipping at me. I tried to get them to play but they must have needed a nap or something. I’m not sure. So I hopped out of there, looking for something better to do.

If I got bored or too calm, Momma Sheri would say, “Katie, Katie, Kaite” and I would dance for her. I’m not proud. Speaking of Momma Sheri, I got to meet her Momma!! That was cool. She knew who I was and everything. She is a lot like Momma Sheri. Which meant I liked her. I also got to meet Momma Sheri’s sister and cousin. My pal, Casey, the photographer was there. I’m not trying to be a name dropper or anything.  She knows my name. *puffing out my chest with pride* I keep telling you people I’m popular and know people! Teddie, the cat lady was there as well. We had a full house. I had so many people to entertain.

I hung around the big dog kennel and looked all cute and adorable. I can’t help my looks. People would come up and ask about little ole me. A lot of folks wanted to adopt me! The Momma’s would point to the other dogs and talk about how they needed homes. I had one already. Yet, the questions kept coming and people would forget about the other dogs. The Momma’s were getting pretty discouraged. I heard them say that I could have been adopted out several times over. They wouldn’t let that happen to me. They were very adamant that I had a home. I think that the Momma’s got tired of answering, “What is it? Is it a dingo? How much? How old?”  ”What is it” was the biggest question.  At one point, after about three questions in a row within 10 minutes, the Momma’s just looked at each other and laughed. It was getting kind of funny in an annoying way.

Finally, I went into the kennel with the bigger dogs. Hoping that people would see me and still ask about the other dogs. Nope. It was all about me. To be honest, even I was getting bored with the attention. My jail buddies need homes! Layla, the blonde lab/hound mix, Dorothy Park (Dot) a border collie mix, and poor Scamp, an ausie mix who is such a lover. Well not to me, but to people. He has this habit of putting his forehead against the door and staring at the ground. Oh, he drools while he does this. Not the smartest looking thing in the world. I thought I would try it too! My Momma kind of freaked out a bit. I wasn’t drooling, but did have my forehead on the corner, right under Scamp. We looked  a bit slow, but that is ok. I don’t know what he sees in doing that.

My Momma told Momma Sheri that she won’t bring me anymore. Momma Sheri said that she had an idea that might happen. People would pay more attention to me than the dogs that need homes.  Can I help it I’m gorgeous?  My Auntie Michele said, “It was like having Miss Universe at the Librarian Awards.”

My buddies are all adorable in their own way. I hope they find homes. I guess I will have to hear about it from Momma, because I won’t be going to PetSmart on adoption day anymore.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Look, none of our paws are on the ground!!

Guess what?? I got to go on a play date at my friend, Gracie’s house. Gracie has been out of commission playing with other dogs for about four weeks! My parents think that they would sell me to the gypsy’s if that happened here. Gracie has as much energy as I do! Poor Gracie and family for all that time.

Yesterday, was Gracie’s first day of being cleared for a play date. Her Momma, Kari, sent my Momma a note asking if I could go play with Gracie. My Momma was so excited. It was my first play date at someone’s house. Momma was glad I’m a dog and she didn’t have to try to figure out which outfit I was going to wear.

We loaded up and I had a feeling something exciting was going to happen. We drove to a place I had never been before. Momma got me out of the car and who should come bounding out? Gracie!!! She has really grown since we saw her last. She was so excited to see me. I was excited to see her too. We were leaping and getting our leashes tangled.

Puppy kisses are the best!

Gracie has a great yard. It has grass!! Its been so dry at our house and with those puppies we were foster, our grass is no existent. I had to check this place out. I poked in every corner and around all the trees. I was very through. Suddenly, I looked over and saw this HUGE man! It freaked me out. I woofed really soft, so he couldn’t hear me. I ran around the yard and would run back to him and woof. Then forget about him and play some more. I couldn’t believe the Momma’s didn’t see this thing! Why didn’t they get excited? Gracie didn’t pay attention to it either, but she is a little younger than me.  I was the only one who was concerned.

Wouldn't this freak you out? I'm letting him know that I see him.

It was a nice day so we went in the pool for a bit. Then run and play. Go in the pool and so on. Gracie’s Momma gave us treats! I’m really fussy about my treats you know. One would think coming off the reservation, I would be happy with any snack, but nope. I’m particular. When Gracie’s Momma realized I wasn’t going to eat the treats she gave us, she got me a different kind. How cool is that?? I love her.

They have cool toys over there. A great football that I loved chewing on. Some kind of grid looking ball. That was fun to chase now and then. A block that had treats in it. Gracie would push it with her nose and some treats would come out. I had to try that one too. Friends always seem to have better toys.

Me, Gracie and that cool football.

It was nice of Gracie’s Momma to take pictures of us while we were playing. That is where all these cool pictures are coming from. Momma didn’t bring her camera because she can’t take pictures as good as Gracie’s Momma.

Finally, it was time for us to say goodbye. It was time for me to go home and Gracie needed to take a nap.  I was not so lucky. I wanted to take a nap but my little brother, Patch, kept wanting to play with me. UGGGG!

A short rest before we play again.

Momma said we get to go back and play another day. That will be fun!  I wonder if they man will still be there?

I Do No Know Where Did She Go


Picture from the Dog Spot

It has been a really hectic couple of weeks since last I posted. Momma disappeared and was lost for a really long time. I did not know where did she go. Big dog and I had to take over for her to make sure that nobody died. It was tough but we made it through.

It all started when two went out and only one came back. That is always unnerving. I kept checking the front window to see where Big Dog left Momma. Sometimes Big Dog seems dense. He wasn’t looking for Momma. I checked the back room to see if she was there …. nope. How about the bedroom? Okay, the bathroom! Nope, not there either. This went on for days! Every time I came inside, I went through the same routine. Check the back room, bedroom, bathrooms, and front window and Momma just wasn’t there.

I heard her one time when Big Dog was being noisy with the telephone thingy that he puts up to his ear – I think that he might have ear mites or something, because he puts that thing up there for a long time. Sorry, Attention Deficit Disorder kicking in again.  I could have sworn that I heard her and ran to the window to see if she was coming up the sidewalk. She wasn’t there. I knew that I heard her and checked the whole house again. Momma is really good at playing hide and seek.

This went on for days and I was really starting to think that Big Dog lost her for good. We had a good weekend, aside from no Momma, and started a new week. Big Dog came home and seemed a little bit excited. I could tell that something was up just by the way he acted. Maybe it was the way he shook his butt. It might have been the spring in his step. I could just smell something in the air. He walked to the door and took the leash from its hook. I love that thing. It is one of my best friends. I sat down and pretended like I didn’t care as he clipped the lead to my necklace. He is peculiar in his formalities. I don’t mind giving him what he wants, once in a while, to get what I want. We were going out the FRONT Door. This is almost always a good thing.

We took a short walk and then loaded up. “Load up” is what he says when he is ready for me to, well, load up. We went for a ride to this really strange place that I had never been before. I paid really close attention along the way because that is how I am. I stood between the car chairs on the console thingy where they sometimes hide treats so that I could help navigate. We slowed way down. That’s how I know we are almost there, wherever ‘there’ is. I got really vigilant because that is one of my jobs. I spotted Momma. “Big Dog! There’s Momma! There’s Momma!”, I was thinking. I spun around and got into the back seat as Big Dog almost went right on by. That got his attention and he saw Momma. He started wagging his tail too. We were all happy. We found her. We found her. I don’t know how Big Dog picked up her trail after so long. He must be the best tracker in all houndhood.

Puppies Big Day Out

Its been really hot in Montana. Too hot to do much of anything outside in the afternoon. That means we have to go to the Dog Park early in the morning. The puppies have never been to the Dog Park, Momma wanted them to go so very badly, so we all packed up early and headed to play!

Gracie meeting Patch

High Sierra Dog Park has a big kids area and a little kids area. Momma and Big Dog wanted to me run around the little kids area to show the puppies that it was fun! They weren’t buying it, too much new for them to take in. I got bored and really wanted to play with the big kids, that’s where the action is, you know. Big Dog took me over to torment play with the dogs who could play rough and tumble. As soon as I got in there I ran and one guy just gasped. “Look at how fast she is!” I’m fast and can go from zero to 60 in no time flat. The folks don’t really even pay attention to that anymore. They are used to it.

I took time out to take a break with the kids.

Patch and Meggie just walked around in the grass for a bit. They really didn’t run and play. They stayed huddled up a lot of the time. Momma would walk out in the grass and they would follow her. That was about it for playing. Eventually, they got some company. A boy, who was about 13, wanted to go play with them. Momma told him please do play with them. (They need to learn to have a lot of people touch them so they don’t get weird and standoffish when they get older) The boy was really interested in Meggie. Later, a little 2 year old came in to play with them. He was really interested in wrapping both of his hands around Meggie’s neck. Perfect size for his chubby hands. Momma kept telling him to pet her not choke her. The little boy helped to give out treats to the puppies and then he was gone. Momma was glad when he left. Meggie might be a floor piranha with her biting as you walk by, but Momma likes her alive.

The coolest thing that happened was seeing my friend, Gracie!! I know her from Doggie Daycare. She is a beautiful yellow lab. Her pictures on The Dog Spot facebook page always make Momma smile. She is pretty. Our Momma’s finally figured out that we knew each other from Day Care. They had a nice visit and now are friends on Facebook. Big Dog told Momma, “I’m glad that they ran into each other. Its nice Katie has a friend, but I’m not driving them to the mall when they get older to go shopping!” He was teasing because my Auntie Jenny has to drive my two legged cousin to the mall. So shopping is out for us! Darn it.

My buddy, Gracie

We had some very tired puppsters when we got home. They both napped on and off all day. Its hard to be a puppy with all the new smells, sights and being choked.

Thanks to Gracie’s Momma for letting us steal the fun pictures you took at the Dog Park!

Pearl – A Love Story

Sorry for taking so long to update. Those darn puppies have me coming and going. You do realize that the folks don’t take care of the puppies. Its all me. I have to let them climb on me and go herd them into their baby corral. I’m busy I tell ya. However, I’m not to busy to tell you some good news!

Pearl having a good day

Do you remember Momma talking about my brother having Shaky Puppy Syndrome? He wasn’t the only one who had it. Pearl, one of the two girls,  also has this. Only she is a bit worse than Patch. Pearl runs and plays and then suddenly her legs seize up. She kind of flops to the side because she can’t hold herself up. Her legs go stiff in front of her and she looks like a teddy bear. She is beautiful and has a special place in everyone’s heart. Momma, Big Dog and Momma Sheri were all worried about finding just the right family for Pearl. If the right family didn’t come along, she would have lived with us and I would have a sister instead of a brother.

Most people want puppies who are “perfect” No dog is perfect. Yet, some have quirks that many wouldn’t find endearing at all. No everyone is like that. Enter Kayla and Josh and their dog, Hailey. They were zooming around the internet and found Pearl. They fell in love right away. They contacted Momma Sheri who had my Momma get a hold of her. After all they live here and Momma can brag all about the puppies. Momma talked to Kayla and loved her spirit! She told Kayla about Pearls going floppy. How she seizes and everything else. Momma was brutally honest about Pearl. Its better someone know all about her “quirks” and be able to make a decision. Kayla told Momma that she sounded adorable and she has some ideas of some kind of training Pearl might have down the line. She wanted to know when they could meet our Pearl. A time was set for a meet and all we had to do was wait. Everyone was pretty excited and nervous about the whole thing.

The folks wanted Pearl to look and SMELL her best, so she need a bath. Thank goodness it wasn’t bath time for me. I’m not a big fan. Anyway, Momma put Pearl in the sink and scrubbed her down. Pearl was not impressed. This made Pearl stress out and of course went floppy and her legs were straight and she couldn’t walk right. I tried to nudge her along when I could. That was my Momma’s plan all along. She knew Pearl would get stressed and turn floppy. She explained to Big Dog that if Pearls new folks were going to meet her, its best to meet her at her worst. That way they would know what they were signing up for.

They got here and Momma flew to the door with Pearl. Kayla, Josh and big fur sister Hailey were so darn nice. Kayla took one look at Pearl and did that, “Awwwwww” Momma held Pearl for a while so she could smell Kayla and be a bit more comfortable. Heck, this family was so sweet my Momma wanted to go home with them. Pearl was put on the ground and she walked and flopped. There was a little gasp from her new family, understandably so. Pearl tried her hardest to walk and they flopped. The folks all talked about Pearl and Momma and Big Dog explained a bit more about her quirks. They said that Pearl would be fine after a nap. You would never know she was floppy. Her new folks both held her and big sister Hailey got to sniff her a bit. I broke Pearl in with playing with bigger dogs. So she wasn’t really afraid of Hailey. More curious and cautious.

I "borrowed" this off Kayla's wall. Pearl sleeping in the car.

It was decided that Pearl had a new family!! Yippee! Tail wags around!! They were so darn happy to have her. When Momma and Big Dog said good bye it was a little hard for them. They love all the puppies, but Pearl had a special place in their hearts. Now Pearl has a special place in her new families heart!!

That is not the end of the story. Kayla send Momma a note last night all about Pearl. Momma asked if she could share it on my blog. We know that many of you have been following Pearl’s journey. Kayla was gracious and said the note could be shared.


I wanted to fill you in on our evening.
Pearl cried for a bit in the car at first, so I decided to hold her for awhile. She slept for about an hour and then Josh needed a bathroom break, so we stopped at a rest area to let the dogs run around and stretch their legs. We saw what you meant about Pearl being recharged after a nap. She was bouncing all over Hailey, and they both had a ball! The second half of the ride, Pearl wanted to ride in the back with Hailey and they bonded quite a bit I think

Since we’ve been home, we’ve all had dinner and Pearl’s gone potty like normal. And only outside! Hailey is just in love with her. Pearl has been pouncing on her and she’s soaking up the attention. They just started to play tug of war with each other. So far, no issues with her back legs, and she’s been playing quite a bit.

Josh and I feel like our little family found a missing piece. She hasn’t stopped making us smile! We thank you so much for giving her such a loving home to grow in, and for trusting us to carry on. She will be truly loved here forever!

I will get pictures up as soon as I get the chance!

Thank you again, we are so so thankful she’s a part of our life now. However, she’ll always be a part of yours! We’ll keep you updated, I’ll post tons of pictures and next time we’re in town, we’ll bring her along to say hi!

P.S. this morning was even better than last night, after I fed the “kids”, I made our breakfast and miss pearl slept at my feet. She even kept my toes warm while I did the dishes (and usually everyone flees the kitchen about that time to avoid the possibility of having to help) I very much enjoyed the company!”

Pearl and her new family.

I’ve Been Busy and I Have a Brother

Boy, has it been busy here at our house! I keep telling Momma to sit down and help me write a blog, but she keeps blowing me off. It’s not for lack of trying. I keep telling her that my fans need to know what is going on with me. This is going to be a little long, but how else can I get you caught up?

First of all, my Auntie Michele in Minnesota, loves me! She has not met me yet, but knows I love to go to The Dog Spot doggie daycare. She called daycare and got me a 7 day pass to daycare!! That means Momma and Big Dog can take me 7 times and it’s already paid for! How cool is that? It was a very unexpected gift that was most appreciated. I can go to daycare 7 Wednesdays in a row and the folks don’t have to pay for it. Whooo Whoooo!! Thank you, Auntie Michele!

Gracie and I trying to get the big boys at Daycare!

We went to the Dog Park in the Heights a couple of Sundays ago. That was fun because we stayed there for a long time. I saw big dogs, little dogs and every kind in between. Most of them wanted to play with me. I would run and dance in front of them and then race away fast. I’m fast! You should see how fast I am. They would chase me and I would find another victim friend to join in the fun. Momma and Big Dog bought a water cooler type thing to bring to the dog park. That way I can get a drink and my friend’s can too.

Momma and Momma Sheri went to the reservation to pick up a puppy found at a dump and some puppies that nobody wanted. Isn’t that sad? Momma Sheri will find them good homes. After all, that is how I got to this house and became famous with my blog and all. Momma Sheri saved me. While the ladies were cruising the reservation they saw one of my relatives!! They both got pretty excited because I’m so unique looking, it was fun to see someone who looked like me. The dump puppy came to live with us. Her name is Nutmeg and she is a terrorist. She is 1/2 the size of the boys and she tries to warn them off of all the wet food! I guess living in the dump you have to learn to fend for yourself. She is a cute little thing, when she is asleep. I’m just teasing. Big Dog’s Auntie and Uncle are going to drive a long ways to come meet her. They want a little dog and Nutmeg is little. Is should be interesting. I love company!

Nutmeg sleeping on her favorite "bed" Big Dog's foot

I bet you are wondering about those Harbor Seals we have at the house. Big changes here! Their Momma left yesterday to get fixed and go back to her home. She was ready to go, she misses her people. That means I’m in charge of the puppies! Kind of like giving the keys of the jail to the inmates, but don’t tell. Momma Sheri has the two girls at her house and they are not happy. Those girls are loud! Their high squeaks could make a man sterile. *shudder* Last night Momma insisted all the babies sleep inside. Big Dog was not impressed. Momma didn’t want the babies to get scared at night. When we got up at 5am to let the puppies outside, they were in a different cage. Uh-oh! Momma is sure there is a story to that and Big Dog will tell her all about it when he gets up. It’s not going to be good I can tell you that! I think I will want to be outside playing with the puppies when he wakes up.

Now the big news, I have a new brother! Big Dog calls him Patch, because he has a large patch on his shoulder and two under his eyes. He doesn’t know he is my brother yet. He was the first puppy to get Shaky Puppy Syndrome. Big Dog thinks that he looks like he is listening and jamming to music only Patch can hear.The folks are keeping the dogs together in a pack until the rest of the kids get adopted out. Its better that he gets to play with his brothers for as long as he has them.

My new brother, Patch.

Now you are all caught up on my life!
We are not sure how the blog will work. He is little so it might just be me blogging for a while. Momma and Big Dog might add his name to the top. No second puppy blog. We will have to share this one.

Strike A Pose

I went to a party for the dog shelter on Sunday and had the Best Time Ever. I got to see a bunch of “new to me dogs”. There were collies, pincers, and other fancy dogs. There were also a bunch of mutts like me milling around with their people. I was soooo good, I laid down like a normal dog and watched the belly dancers shake their stuff. They whirled and twirled and I didn’t try to join in even once! They were amazing but they didn’t shake their booty like I can.

They had a fun game I got to play. I’m proud to say that I won one of the “heats” Big Dog held onto a spoon with a treat on it. We had to walk across the room without me eating the treat. The first dog to get to the finish line won. I didn’t eat the treat and crossed to the finish line first. *insert applause here* I got a cool stuffed crocodile dog toy to play with. It squeaks. I wonder if it has any stuffing in it.

Casey Page, a photographer for The Billings Gazette was there. I got to meet her in person – not that I am the kind to name drop or anything. I had blogged about having a photo shoot with her Sunday and she must have read it! When I got there she said, “You must be Katie!” How cool is that? Very cool, I think. I’m starting to be semi-famous.

The pictures were being taken in a small room. Casey had white paper taped onto a table. Big Dog had to put me up there so I could do my photo shoot. I really didn’t care to be up so high. I even ripped her paper trying to get down. Casey was very nice and told us that most dogs do that. We also discovered her secret for taking great dog pictures! She makes noises for the subject of the picture. Tweets, trills, meows and a million other cool noises to catch a dogs attention. The noises caught my attention a few times so Casey could take some good pictures of me. All three of today’s pictures are from my photo shoot with her.  I think that I have a girl crush on her.

I got to play with a few dogs outside. I raced figure eights in the lawn at Oscars Dreamland. It was a blast. Just when I thought the day was over, we loaded up and went to see my Grandma and Auntie. There was a little girl at the house for me to play with!! My Auntie’s grand-daughter was visiting and we played in the back yard. She would throw me pine cones and I would run to find them. Then leave them there. I didn’t want the game to end. Auntie and Grandma told me how pretty, smart, and wonderful I was. They seem to be pretty reasonable people.

Finally, the day was done and I was exhausted! I came home, had a bite to eat, and went to bed. I was one tired puppy.

Princess, Puppies and Me

Its been pretty busy around here lately. With Princess and her puppies, me going to doggie daycare, I got to go to the new dog park, I’m in a contest to win a cool toy and my new collar ,which I promptly chewed off. I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

I was happy to play with the puppies. These are girls, Pearl Harbor and Victoria Harbor.

First, Princess, the Momma rottweiler, has finally figured out I’m not a threat to her puppies. I walk around really low around her and lick Princess’ lips. Just to say, “I’m not threat, please don’t kill me” That trick has seemed to work, because we can be in the same yard and she doesn’t growl at me. Whew! I have even gone in her pen while she is eating and she ignores me. The ignoring me hurts my feelers, but Momma and Big Dog seem happy about it. They aren’t the one running around the yard trying to get Princess to play.

"There, there, Sydney Harbor, Katie's here" (He is our runt)

Yesterday we woke up to snow! I had forgotten what that was like. I’m only 11 month old, so I was kind of nervous going outside to go potty. Princess and her pups were all snug in their dog house. Princess did come out to eat and let me dance around her for a while. I think Princess is getting bored and restless. Why would a puppy like me think that? Well let me tell you……..

Big Dog had to run a couple of errands yesterday and when he got home he was met with a big surprise! He yelled in the house to Momma, “Do you know where Princess is?” Momma told him in the backyard silly. Momma was wrong! Princess knocked out a board in the back fence and was just wandering around in front of the house!! Princess likes everyone in the house, but is not too impressed with strangers. She made sure to growl at anyone she saw. Princess is NOT petite, she’s not huge, but she is not tiny. We were all so glad that she went up and greeted Big Dog. They went out for a walk. Big Dog thought she might want to stay if she got to walk around for a bit.

Princess can look scary if you don't know her.

The folks put Big Dog’s compost thingy in front of the hole. Princess got around that and just started waddling down the alley. Thankfully, we live out-of-town a bit. Momma started to change puppy bedding and Big Dog went to find Princess. I was in the house, whining a bit. Princess thought she had the right house, it was the neighbors and she hopped over a 4″ fence. Yikes! It’s a good thing our neighbors weren’t home! Big Dog brought her back to the right yard and she went to check on her puppies. We all think Princess is a sweetie, but that is not the face she puts on for strangers. Kind of scary.Now we have a picnic table and compost thingy in front of the hole so she can’t get out.

Today we are going to a benefit for B.A.R.K. A local shelter. Its called “Annual Posh Paws Boot Scoot and Tail Wag Its at Oscar’s Dreamland from 12pm-8pm!  There will be fun and games for the canines. Professional pet portraits by Casey Page will be available from 1 – 3 pm. A minimum $10 donation will be charged. . Admission is $5, no charge for children under 12. There will be music by Dan Page, Lindsey Jacobsen and Hugh Healow. The Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe will entertain us with a dance routine. Concessions will be available. Everyone and their dog are welcome.” Fortunately, its inside.  I bet I’ll get to meet a lot of puppies and dogs to play with! Oh,boy!!

Momma says that Casey Page, an amazing photographer for our local paper, will be there. She is going to be taking pictures of us fur kids! Parents can buy them for a small cost. Casey takes amazing pictures of the animals in the shelter. They get posted on the B.A.R.K. Facebook page and in the paper and all over. It’s amazing how pretty she can make these dogs look. Some start out in rough shape, but she must have magic lights or lens or something.  I’m going to have MY picture taken by Casey. That means I have to get brushed out, put my bows in my hair and a flower on my collar. A girl must look her best.

The picture Momma entered in the pet toy contest.

After the dog party we are going to go see my Grandma Big Dog. The party is right near her house and she hasn’t had a chance to meet me yet. She is a snow bird and just got back this week. I also hope to get to meet Auntie Dianne, if she’s not working.

We have a busy day ahead and I really need to start getting ready for the party! It’s not everyday that a pup gets to go to a party. I feel all special.