My Adoption Day!

Relaxing with my toys after a busy day

Yesterday was quite exciting. Big Dog and Momma officially adopted me and welcomed me into the pack. We spent the day in celebration!! I was too pooped to party by the time my Adoption Day was done.

The day started by getting into a car to go for a ride. I hopped in the car all by myself. (Insert applause here as I curtsy most graciously) Yes, I just got in the car like I had been doing it all my life and had not ever been afraid to ‘load up’. Big Dog and Momma were very happy with me and gave me a yummy treat. They rolled down the back windows a little bit so I could feel the cool breeze wafting the surrounding scents into my ever sniffing nose. These guys really know how to treat a girl.

We hit the highway and sped off to see Momma Sheri to finalize my adoption. You should have seen my body wiggle when I saw her!! I was wiggling and bouncing all around her. She had a few of the little puppies with her at PetSmart. She was finding new homes for some of them. Momma Sheri gave the folks all my paperwork with my shot records and so on. The bestest thing was the pretty collar Momma Sheri gave me. It had flowers all around it!  I’m a pretty girl and deserve to wear flowers. I know that you are all jealous of me. Go ahead and admit it.

The folks decided that we should go into PetSmart. I didn’t think that was such a special idea. I tried to plant my feet and flatten out on the ground so we wouldn’t move. Have you ever tried to do that on linoleum? It doesn’t really stop you. You can’t blame a girl for trying. Big Dog waited patiently for me to get my bearings and off we went. I acted really cute and friendly. I was making friends left and right. The best dog of the day at PetSmart was a HUGE St. Bernard. He was a big boy and could have easily eaten me whole. If he had sat on me, I would have been dead. We kept greeting each other. He had a bit of a drool problem, so I helped to clean off his mouth. I’m a helper. There were soooooo many people and dogs for me to meet and greet. My butt was wagging me all over the place. I almost felt like a fish flopping around trying to get up a waterfall.

We left PetSmart and headed over to a special place for dogs. It’s called Norms Island. Dogs get to run free and play there. Big Dog and Momma thought it was time to see how I would do off leash. Of course, I did wonderfully. Did you had any doubts? I really liked one of the first ladies that we encountered. I liked her so much that I leaped into the air and hit her full broadside in the thighs. I almost knocked her down. Has anyone said that I get a little excited sometimes? The folks were really surprised as I had never done this before. Momma told my Uncle Joel about this and he thought that she must have had a good meat scented perfume or something. Yeah, that’s it. We walked along and found a 6 month old lab/shepherd to play with. This was the best dog that I met the whole day – aside from the massive Saint Bernard at PetSmart. His folks were happy that I was around to help tire him out. We ran and ran and ran. I chased him. He chased me. We wrestled. Then we ran some more. We had a blast. It was the first time my folks had a dog that could really play nicely with others. They seemed to really appreciate how friendly I was. They were smiling and laughing. I think that is good. All good things must come to an end, I guess. My new buddy and his pack started walking away and I thought that I would follow along. Our folks didn’t think that was such a special idea. Big Dog had to get my attention and help me focus on our pack. We did find more dogs to play with on the island. It is a really cool place. We encountered a couple of older ladies that were taking a stroll through the island. They told me how much they liked my collar with the pretty flowers. I let them love me up for a bit, but we needed to keep moving. We were busy I tell ya!

Momma and Big Dog stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up a few things. I took a mini snooze in the car while they were away. Big Dog was nice enough to leave a nice jacket for me to lay on. They brought me back a hot dog when they returned. HOT DOG!!!

Just when I was starting to get a bit tired, we stopped Downtown so Big Dog could pick some stuff up from work. Momma and I kept walking around. We called Uncle Joel to let him know we were around. He came to tell  me how adorable I was. I was so busy. When Momma stopped for a bit, I would whine. I’m a busy girl and have things to do! Eventually, Big Dog was ready to go home. Off we went. We came home and I got some special treats and bones. Then it was time for me to pass out! I was exhausted.

That was the best day, EVER!  Tomorrow is even going to be better, I bet.


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  2. Maybe we will cross paths with you at Norm Island sometime. My hubby and our English Shepherd Piper are down there quite often!

    You are a blessed dog Katie and we are so happy you are in a perfect furever home!

    • Hi Ms. Trish! That would be wonderful. I’ll tell my folks to look for you. I might just end up bouncing around you one day!! Thank you for stopping by to say hi.

  3. Yay for Adoption Day, Katie! I finally got time to read all about your special day and I am so glad that you had so much fun! I know that your humans are very happy to have you in their life and it sounds like you are fitting right in!!! Keep the stories coming—-I loved the picture of you with all of your toys! Which one is your favorite??? I would love to send you some treats someday if you have some favorites!!!

    • Thank you, Miss Beth Ann! My favorite is the zebra. He doesn’t have a head anymore, but I don’t care. When those darn cats tease me, I take it out on my zebra. My favorite treats are stuffed animals. The kind with fuzz I can pull out. Our house looks like the killing fields some days. I also like 5″-7″ slim rawhide’s. I’m not proud.

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