Lazy Sunday

Hi Mom,

We had a very lazy Sunday at the here. They got up and puttered 
around. I did my happy dance, butt wiggle. They both think that is so 
endearing of me. I think they like to get me all riled up just so I 
shake my money maker.

I followed the lady outside in the morning. Most dogs are weird and run 
right out to the yard to go potty. Not me, I like to hang out on the 
deck. I think the lady likes to wait me out to see if I will go in the 
yard by myself. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I like to wait and see if she 
will waddle her fat ass to the yard. Then I fly down there and do a 
courtesy piddle. Just to make her feel better. I have found several dead 
flat mice that they didn't know about. Aren't I clever? I bring them to 
the lady and she gags a bit. Then she runs in the house and yells for 
the guy to come get my treasure. I like to help provide for the family. 
They both praise the heck out of me when I bring them something like 
this. I don't think the lady is sincere, but we all pretend. Its fun for 

I'm proud to report I had NO accidents in the house. Not a one.

The buffet is losing its charm for me. When people keep growling, "Leave 
it" That kind of sucks.

They are letting me hop up on the couch and chair. The lady sat on the 
couch and I wouldn't hop up when she was there. The man picked me up and 
put me next to her and I just had to show her my soft puppy belly.

I found a lovely lamp cord and started to chew on that. I was chewing on 
a wooden laundry basket. It breaks up the day.  They have given me raw 
hides, I enjoy them. I killed the stuffed bunny you sent me. I pulled 
out most of its stuffing. Aren't I clever?

We had a break through with those stupid cats. I keep following the old 
one and licking her head and sniffing her butt. She is so bitchy, she 
turns on a dime and hisses at me. They man and lady are surprised 
because normally that old bat is slower than molasses going up hill both 
ways. I must be good for her to get her moving. The black cat is still 
not impressed with me. You see, I look like I'm going to lick them but 
really I try to nibble their hair a bit. The white cat actually laid 
across from me. He didn't hiss. The people went, "Awwww" and got all 
excited about it. I have a feeling we will be buddies, but they need to 
chill the heck out first!

They gave me a "new to me bed" its huge! I like to lay on the very edge 
of it. Kind of like a lady who is laying on her side in a lounging 
chair. I did lay on the whole thing at one point. I napped a lot. These 
people wear me out!!

At bed time I thought I would try to hop up on the bed. They didn't fly 
with them. The man made a noise and told me "down!" So I got down. They 
seem to think the cats need a haven from little old me. Blah!

They went to work today so I have the run of the land. They did put a 
baby gate up so I can't get to the hallway that I have peed on before. 
Also, I can't get to the yummy lamp cord that they put up too. Spoil Sports!

I'm starting to come to my name. The guy likes to say Kitty, Kitty, 
which sounds like Katie and amuses him. The lady calls me when I'm in 
the yard and I come a flying! They are working on teaching me to sit. I 
have to sit before we can go in the house and I have to wait too.

Hope you have a great day!

About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.

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