I’ve Been Busy and I Have a Brother

Boy, has it been busy here at our house! I keep telling Momma to sit down and help me write a blog, but she keeps blowing me off. It’s not for lack of trying. I keep telling her that my fans need to know what is going on with me. This is going to be a little long, but how else can I get you caught up?

First of all, my Auntie Michele in Minnesota, loves me! She has not met me yet, but knows I love to go to The Dog Spot doggie daycare. She called daycare and got me a 7 day pass to daycare!! That means Momma and Big Dog can take me 7 times and it’s already paid for! How cool is that? It was a very unexpected gift that was most appreciated. I can go to daycare 7 Wednesdays in a row and the folks don’t have to pay for it. Whooo Whoooo!! Thank you, Auntie Michele!

Gracie and I trying to get the big boys at Daycare!

We went to the Dog Park in the Heights a couple of Sundays ago. That was fun because we stayed there for a long time. I saw big dogs, little dogs and every kind in between. Most of them wanted to play with me. I would run and dance in front of them and then race away fast. I’m fast! You should see how fast I am. They would chase me and I would find another victim friend to join in the fun. Momma and Big Dog bought a water cooler type thing to bring to the dog park. That way I can get a drink and my friend’s can too.

Momma and Momma Sheri went to the reservation to pick up a puppy found at a dump and some puppies that nobody wanted. Isn’t that sad? Momma Sheri will find them good homes. After all, that is how I got to this house and became famous with my blog and all. Momma Sheri saved me. While the ladies were cruising the reservation they saw one of my relatives!! They both got pretty excited because I’m so unique looking, it was fun to see someone who looked like me. The dump puppy came to live with us. Her name is Nutmeg and she is a terrorist. She is 1/2 the size of the boys and she tries to warn them off of all the wet food! I guess living in the dump you have to learn to fend for yourself. She is a cute little thing, when she is asleep. I’m just teasing. Big Dog’s Auntie and Uncle are going to drive a long ways to come meet her. They want a little dog and Nutmeg is little. Is should be interesting. I love company!

Nutmeg sleeping on her favorite "bed" Big Dog's foot

I bet you are wondering about those Harbor Seals we have at the house. Big changes here! Their Momma left yesterday to get fixed and go back to her home. She was ready to go, she misses her people. That means I’m in charge of the puppies! Kind of like giving the keys of the jail to the inmates, but don’t tell. Momma Sheri has the two girls at her house and they are not happy. Those girls are loud! Their high squeaks could make a man sterile. *shudder* Last night Momma insisted all the babies sleep inside. Big Dog was not impressed. Momma didn’t want the babies to get scared at night. When we got up at 5am to let the puppies outside, they were in a different cage. Uh-oh! Momma is sure there is a story to that and Big Dog will tell her all about it when he gets up. It’s not going to be good I can tell you that! I think I will want to be outside playing with the puppies when he wakes up.

Now the big news, I have a new brother! Big Dog calls him Patch, because he has a large patch on his shoulder and two under his eyes. He doesn’t know he is my brother yet. He was the first puppy to get Shaky Puppy Syndrome. Big Dog thinks that he looks like he is listening and jamming to music only Patch can hear.The folks are keeping the dogs together in a pack until the rest of the kids get adopted out. Its better that he gets to play with his brothers for as long as he has them.

My new brother, Patch.

Now you are all caught up on my life!
We are not sure how the blog will work. He is little so it might just be me blogging for a while. Momma and Big Dog might add his name to the top. No second puppy blog. We will have to share this one.

About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.


I’ve Been Busy and I Have a Brother — 7 Comments

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  2. Little brothers are the best, well “mostly”. Mine is kinda weird a lot of the time and boys have a habit of being stinky almost always but you learn to love them anyway! I think adding his name to your blog would be wonderful. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventures!

    • I think it will be nice to have just one brother instead of a gazillion foster brother and sisters. I have lots of stuff to teach him. I’ll be busy.

  3. How fun for you Katie!! Now you can show Patch the ropes at daycare. You are very welcome for the 7 days of fun, I am so glad you like to go there and visit. :) Thank you for the update!! :)

    • Momma and Big Dog are looking forward to taking Patch to daycare too. He can’t go for a bit yet. He still needs shots and all that important stuff.

  4. WOW Katie…a little brother to boss around. You are full of energy, it will be good to have a little brother to share it with. The puppy is lucky to have a big sister like you!

    • Thank you! I think the folks are hoping that he might help burn off some of my energy. It will give me someone to snuggle with in the winter, the cats aren’t into that. The folks think he is going to get a lot bigger than I am, but I’m older. I’ll learn him. *lol*

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