It’s Pretty Quiet at My House

Man, is it quiet and boring at my house this morning. My foster babies, are all at the vet getting fixed. My Momma and Momma Sheri picked them up last night to leave them at the vet. When they got here last night, Dad let Patch out to greet them. He hopped, the best he can, up and down on Momma Sheri. She laughed and said, “Patch needs to stop hanging around, Katie. He hops around like she does.” Patch is NOT graceful like me when he hops and bounces. My puppies with get fixed today and Momma Sheri will bring them home tonight.

My poor babies waiting to see the Vet.

After the Momma’s went to drop my babies off, they stopped by to check on Betty White, he is the Momma to my babies. She was outside under a deck in the cold. Momma Sheri told her people, that she should be inside because it was cold out and she needed to heal from being fixed. When my Momma got home, she started telling my Dad about Betty and just started to sob. I was pretty concerned so I hang around her to listen. She told Dad what it was like to see Betty. When Betty heard my Momma she came flying out from under the deck. She was wiggling and jumping so my Momma would pet her. She kept moving to be sure my Momma touched her all over. Then Betty flew up to the deck so she was eye to eye with my Momma. Kissing her and wiggling and whining. My Momma couldn’t touch her enough. It hurt my Momma’s heart to see Betty outside. It hurt her heart to see how happy Betty was to see her. Momma Sheri brought some food for Betty and a crate with a blanket in it. She also put a waterproof sleeping back over the top to buffer wind and snow. Then it was time for them to leave and my Momma’s heart just dropped. Momma held it together until she got home and started to tell Dad. Then the sobbing started. Dad listened and gave her a hug and told her that she knows rescue work is not all fun and puppies. He reminded her that it was good for Betty to see her and that Momma Sheri can bring her to see Betty again sometime.

The Momma’s had some more running around to do. They had to pick up a couple of boys who needed homes. I guess they were very loud in their crates and were NOT impressed to be going for a ride. They are handsome boys and Momma named them Mike and Ike. They seem like close friends.

Mike and Ike are sweet boys

They also picked up a sweet little rottie girl. They decided to name her, Beth Ann, after their bloggy friend, Beth Ann from It’s Just Life. Beth Ann made Rez Dog Rescue her “comments for a cause” on her blog. For every comment left on her blog, she donated 50 cents towards our rescue, out of her own pocket!! How cool is that? The new puppy was pretty and sweet, so Momma Sheri suggested naming her Beth Ann. Thank you again for your donation, Beth Ann!!

We will get a better picture of, Beth Ann soon.

Patch is tugging on me and ready to play so I should wrap this up. That is all the news that’s fit to print for this morning.


It’s Pretty Quiet at My House — 9 Comments


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  2. I pray every night for momma dogs like Betty White. It is hard to see something you have loved treated in a way you dont agree with. I am sorry.*hug* Momma dog Dutchess says

  3. I wish I could say something to make it better for your Momma concerning Betty White but the reality is that sometimes rescue work just sucks and this is one of those times!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! I am Beth Ann’s sister, and I have a rottie rescue, and I want Beth Ann too! ;) If I were in a different situation I would take her in a minute!

  5. I am over the moon excited that I have a sweet adorable puppy named after me!!! What a cutie and I know she will find a special home!!!! I know that it was awfully hard for Momma to see Betty but you know what? Betty has such a great spirit and I know that she is going to store up all of that loving to hold her over till the next time they are able to visit!!! Pats and snuggles to you, Katie!

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