I’m a Foster Puppy, Kind of sort of

This has been a busy, busy, weekend. No rest for the wicked. On Saturday Big Dog took me to Norm’s Island to run around. Not many dogs to play with there. That was sad, so I didn’t get rid of my energy.

Big Dog dropped me off to see Momma and Momma Sheri at PetSmart. I was going to play with the puppies, they are so cute! However, I really was too much of a wild child. I hopped out and ran into the street. So I had to go in the kennel that had a door and was too high to jump out of. That will teach me. Everyone wanted to know what I was. Momma Sheri told them I was a Whirling dervish dingo. Well if people ask a silly question……

Momma took me to Norm’s Island again. We didn’t find anyone to play with until we were close to leaving. We ran into Ms. Trish, Mr. Trish and their dog Pepper. They told me Pepper was having an off day because she usually runs and runs. I did get her to play with me for a while, which was fun. Our parents got to visit a bit. Pepper is very pretty. Her tail is all fancy nancy. She is mostly a Border Collie. I was so glad to have someone to play with for awhile.

Now the exciting news. Well Momma and Big Dog thinks its exciting, me I’m not so sure. Momma Sheri has close to 40 nursing puppies and 3 momma dogs at her house. Not to mention the other dogs that need homes. Well Momma Sheri was told about a new momma dog and her 6 puppies that were on a reservation. Momma Sheri talked to the people and asked if she could bring the them to Billings so they could be fostered. Also, Momma Sheri will have them all fixed! The Momma dog and runt will go back to their family after they are fixed.

These are the babies. Momma Sheri thinks they look like baby harp seals.

That means we have a Momma and six puppies at my house! They have a nice doghouse in the back. It will be nice and shaded. Momma Sheri also brought some fencing, I think to keep me out of seeing the puppies. The momma dog’s name is Princess. She is part rottweiler and part who knows what. She comes when her name is called. She loves Momma Sheri, she whimpered when Momma Sher left. I got to meet Princess and I don’t think she cares for me. I don’t know why? I only ran around her like my tail was on fire. I kept doing that and I don’t know if I made her dizzy or she saw me as a threat, but she growled at me. It wasn’t a play growl either. Oh, well she will have to get used to me.

Momma holding one of the babies.

Today I’m going to go to the new dog park in the Heights. Until they, I’m just going to lay around and whine. I want to go outside and see the other dog. Its my yard you know. Momma and Big Dog want the momma to get used to our yard before I can go explore. So I lay around and whine and whine and whine some more. Good thing I was busy yesterday, I’m not as active today and will take a cat nap now and then.

Wish us luck on our new adventure. I hope the momma dog learns to get used to me. If not, I will just have to wait until she goes back to her home then I can play with her babies! I’m sure I can teach them some fun new tricks.

Pictures shameless stolen from Sheri Aanstad Lee’s Facebook page


I’m a Foster Puppy, Kind of sort of — 3 Comments

  1. It was so fun to see you at Norm’s Island yesterday. Piper (not Pepper) was very out of sorts and her mood didn’t improve the entire time. Not sure what was wrong with her but today when she was there, she was playful and got the zoomies like crazy. Go figure!

    Enjoy those pups Katie. When they get big enough, maybe Princess will let you teach them a thing or two about having a forever home. You can help get them ready for their families.

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