I Need a Doggy Trading Card

Sorry I have not posted for a while. The folks have been lazy so I haven’t done anything exciting lately. I have kept busy chasing the cats. That is a full-time job. You need to chase them and nibble them and chase them some more.

Yesterday, Momma told Big Dog that we had to go play. Its been rainy here, so not much chances to go outside and run around. Its surprising that Momma wanted to get out and move. She is usually quite lazy. Don’t tell her I told you that.

We went to our favorite spot, Norm’s Island. We knew I would find lots of victims playmates. It was a virtual pupapalousa! More dogs than you can wag your tail at! Big ones, little ones, medium size ones. It was hard to figure out who to play with first.

I love to run up and greet people and their fur kids. As usual, the first question is, “What kind of dog is she?” Yesterday, people said that I looked like a: Jackal, Dingo and Hyena. Momma wants to make up trading cards with my picture and my “stats” on them. My age, size, favorite activity and all the breeds I could be. Most people have dogs that are one or two very definite things. Not me, I’m a whole smorgasbord of stuff.

There were Labs, Boarder Collies, Corgis and so on to play with. One little Boarder Collie wanted to play in a different way. His dad said that he was 6 months old and just learned something new. I didn’t like this new game. I’m not that kind of girl you know. You can’t just meet me on the trail and think I’m your girlfriend. Yuk! So they took their boy away.

I got to run in the water and play as well. Big Dog wants to teach me to swim. He told Momma that he can’t wait to take me to Lake Superior. Whatever that is. Something about the water being cold. Momma calls me her water baby. Since she loves the water so much, it makes her happy I do too.

My picture is of me looking all pretty. Momma wanted to buy bows for my hair. Big Dog just shook his head and muttered stuff. I think I look purtiful. Momma needs to figure out a way to get them to stay in my hair. I can’t wear them when I got play. However, if we are going on errands or something, a girl needs to look her best.

That’s all the news that is fit to print!



I Need a Doggy Trading Card — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for starting my day off right Katie! Love hearing from you and you are very purtiful!

    I bet your kitty friends are getting lots of exercise now that you live with them.

  2. What a fun day!!! So sorry you had to meet such a forward boy though, that can always put a damper on a fun time. I love the idea of something like a trading card, that’s fun, especially if you see a lot of the same friends when you go to the playground. :)

    • That is a good way to put it Auntie Michele. Forward. *shudder* Momma says you would have loved to have seen the matching corgis. They were twins and cute. I didn’t knock either of them over. I was kind of mellow.

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