I Got a New Pony!

My friend, Channel, was at daycare too. I just wanted to show off this picture of two very colorful dogs.

Yesterday I got to have a spa day! My folks took us to The Dog Spot for doggie Daycare and a bath. Momma’s friend, Beth Ann, sent us a gift card to The Dog Spot and Momma decided that we would use it for a bath. It wasn’t because I was stinky and smelly but our foster dog, Betty, who smelled. She might be going to a new home this week and Momma wanted Betty to look her best. As long as she was going to be pampered, Momma figured that it was time for me and Patch to have a bath too. It’s not the most convenient thing for me to have a bath at daycare. I’m a busy girl and have things to do, so I can’t be bothered to sit around and be bathed and have to sit in front of a dryer. Chop, Chop, people! I have other dogs to play with.

I'm having a Come to Jesus meeting with Moses about letting me clean him up.

It was pretty busy at daycare which means I was pretty busy. For some reason it was very important for me to kiss EVERYONE in daycare. My Auntie Kari, who works there, was laughing at me. I would kiss everyone and then survey the whole room and if I missed a dog, I would trot my happy butt over to them and give them a quick lick. When there are a lot of dogs there its darn near a full-time job.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do to clean a puppy. Even if it means standing on her hind legs and wrapping her arms around a puppies neck to clean them.

My newest victim, errrr friend is an 8 month old Great Dane named Moses. I was really concerned about keeping his face clean. You know those puppies need a little extra  help in keeping clean. I stood up right under him and he was NOT being a helper bee. So finally, I had to just stand on my hind legs and grab my front legs around his neck so I could clean him properly. If the puppy is not going to lay down so I can put my paw on his head, I must improvise. Moses didn’t know what to make of me. I think it was because I’m so fast! Zoom, zoom! He would just look down at me as if trying to decide what to do with me. After I got him cleaned up he was ready to play. He bowed down a bit and I zoomed, zoomed in front of him. What can I say?  Puppies are my specialty. I’m used to little ones but this  big puppy needed my attention. One of my Momma’s friend’s joked that Moses was my new pony. Oh, and my BFF Gracie was there too. We played and licked each others ears. Her’s are floppy lab ears so its easier for her to lick my pointy stand uppy ears.

Patch and Jo-Jo playing ball.

Patch was a good boy during his grooming. I was too just so you know this isn’t all about Patch. He stood still and let them clip his bear claws and did good during his bath. He made a new friend too. A cute little golden named Jo-Jo. He would bring Patch a ball and so Patch could pick it up in his mouth and stand there with it. When Jo-Jo wanted it back, Patch would growl. Then he would drop the ball and kick it back to her. They went back and forth like this for a while. Jo-Jo is usually a hyper and busy dog like me, so the fact he took time to play with Patch was pretty cool! It seems that the other dogs know that Patch is special and they play with him in a way that he can play too. Momma’s little soccer star! Auntie Jenny said that my Momma was a soccer Mom now.

Betty looks so shiny and clean and less smelly.

Betty our foster dog was not nearly as impressed with everything.  When Big Dog dropped her off he felt kind of bad. She sat by the window looking at him as if to say, “Oh, for the love of God take me with you.” The folks are guessing she is between 4-6 years old. She was afraid of the bath but tolerated it. After her bath the groomers let her snooze in the kennel area. She survived and smells and feels a heck of a lot better.  Momma is having a hard time coming to terms with her going to a new home. If Betty and the woman who wants to be her Momma get along, Betty will be leaving us this week. As much as everyone wants to keep Betty we can’t. If we keep her, Big Dog, said we can’t foster any more. Our house would be full. Betty’s new Momma needs a Betty in her life and my Momma couldn’t be happier about their upcoming meeting.

Oh, its time for Momma to get ready to take us to the vet. The groomers mentioned we might all have ear infections. I should let Momma comb her hair or something.

Pictures are courtesy of Kari Longshore. She is always so good about letting me use pictures for my blog. It was hard for her to get pictures of me yesterday because I was stuck to her like glue.


I Got a New Pony! — 5 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Can you teach Lady how to hold a puppy down without squishing one? She used to be good at it but now she just takes her paw and flattens their little heads! Piper can’t be bothered with puppies. You are such a good girl to keep them all clean!

  2. Hahahaha… your momma being a soccer mom now cracked me up and every pretty girl like you should have their own pony. Love your blog, Miss Katie.

  3. Love you and your good manners Katie. You are such a caring soul to make sure everyone at daycare has a kiss hello and all the pups are clean! Thanks for letting us know how your little brother and foster sis are doing too! Keep up the good work. Oh and say hi to your momma and Big Dog for me. :)

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