I Can’t Go to PetSmart Adoption Days Anymore

Doggy Jail: Dot on the left, Layla the blonde. She can jump 6 ft. fences, Me and Scamp doing that weird head thing.

On Saturday’s and Sunday’s Momma Sheri and my Momma go to PetSmart. They are trying to find homes for the puppies and dogs from the reservations.

Patch got to go with Momma on a Saturday to play with the puppies. I heard Momma tell Big Dog that Patch was kind of a whiny twit. He didn’t play with the puppies and clung to Momma or Momma Sheri like a bug on a windshield! I remember thinking that he was a freak for not wanting to play with other pups. What is wrong with that boy? He is my brother so I just go with the flow. Weirdo.

Today I got to go to PetSmart!!! My Momma came up with the not to bright idead of bringing me. She thought that if I hung around the older dog jail, people would see me and then see the older dogs.She really thought this was a smart idea. It was a drag waiting for the Momma’s to get everything set up. It took FOREVER! Shesh! I’m a busy girl and there were dogs to play with. I don’t have time to wait for them. However, I graced them with my patience and didn’t whine and try to fly out Momma’s car window. Yes, I’m a giver. I know.

I started out by kind of playing with the babies. I was good about making sure they were clean. Its the foster dog in me. I see a little puppy and make sure to wash them. I still do it to Patch. We get strange looks at the dog park, but a foster dog does what a foster dog needs to do. The little dogs were yipping and nipping at me. I tried to get them to play but they must have needed a nap or something. I’m not sure. So I hopped out of there, looking for something better to do.

If I got bored or too calm, Momma Sheri would say, “Katie, Katie, Kaite” and I would dance for her. I’m not proud. Speaking of Momma Sheri, I got to meet her Momma!! That was cool. She knew who I was and everything. She is a lot like Momma Sheri. Which meant I liked her. I also got to meet Momma Sheri’s sister and cousin. My pal, Casey, the photographer was there. I’m not trying to be a name dropper or anything.  She knows my name. *puffing out my chest with pride* I keep telling you people I’m popular and know people! Teddie, the cat lady was there as well. We had a full house. I had so many people to entertain.

I hung around the big dog kennel and looked all cute and adorable. I can’t help my looks. People would come up and ask about little ole me. A lot of folks wanted to adopt me! The Momma’s would point to the other dogs and talk about how they needed homes. I had one already. Yet, the questions kept coming and people would forget about the other dogs. The Momma’s were getting pretty discouraged. I heard them say that I could have been adopted out several times over. They wouldn’t let that happen to me. They were very adamant that I had a home. I think that the Momma’s got tired of answering, “What is it? Is it a dingo? How much? How old?”  ”What is it” was the biggest question.  At one point, after about three questions in a row within 10 minutes, the Momma’s just looked at each other and laughed. It was getting kind of funny in an annoying way.

Finally, I went into the kennel with the bigger dogs. Hoping that people would see me and still ask about the other dogs. Nope. It was all about me. To be honest, even I was getting bored with the attention. My jail buddies need homes! Layla, the blonde lab/hound mix, Dorothy Park (Dot) a border collie mix, and poor Scamp, an ausie mix who is such a lover. Well not to me, but to people. He has this habit of putting his forehead against the door and staring at the ground. Oh, he drools while he does this. Not the smartest looking thing in the world. I thought I would try it too! My Momma kind of freaked out a bit. I wasn’t drooling, but did have my forehead on the corner, right under Scamp. We looked  a bit slow, but that is ok. I don’t know what he sees in doing that.

My Momma told Momma Sheri that she won’t bring me anymore. Momma Sheri said that she had an idea that might happen. People would pay more attention to me than the dogs that need homes.  Can I help it I’m gorgeous?  My Auntie Michele said, “It was like having Miss Universe at the Librarian Awards.”

My buddies are all adorable in their own way. I hope they find homes. I guess I will have to hear about it from Momma, because I won’t be going to PetSmart on adoption day anymore.

About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.


I Can’t Go to PetSmart Adoption Days Anymore — 3 Comments

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  2. Oh dear—-the Queen stole all the attention! Not a big surprise since she is such a beauty!!! I loved the comment “It was like having Miss Universe at the Librarian Awards.” from Aunt Michele!!! Great post and perfect picture to go along with it!!! Katie can not help it if she is just wonderful!!!

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