Hi, I’m Patch

Hi! I’m Patch! My big sissy might have mentioned me once or twice. She started to blog when she was about 10 months old. I’m 10 months old, so I get to start blogging too. Oh, joy! If you don’t know who I am, then read what my Momma wrote about me and come on back. I’ll wait. I’m good at that.

The pink on my nose is from tumbling down the stairs. I forgot to go "Slowly Patch."


Welcome back! I don’t want to brag, but I’ve gone to Doggie Daycare at The Dog Spot at least three times. I got to go for a couple hours to try it out by myself. That sorta freaked me out because I didn’t have my sissy with me. I love her and stalk play with her all the time. The first time was a bit scary but I didn’t die. That is good.

There were some sad days during my first year of life. Big Dog would get out the leash. Katie would prance around and get leashed up. Then she and Big Dog would walk out the door with Momma. Me? I wanted to go too. But no! I had stay at home – all alone – with three cats and maybe some weird foster puppy. I was sad and lonely without my Katie. I know big boys don’t cry, but I would cry when they left and sometimes would even wail out the blues like only a shaky puppy can do. The Shaky Puppy Blues – Yeah, that’s the one that got me through the dog days of winter while Katie was away.

"Hi, Guys! I'm Patch!"

A few weeks ago the leash came out and Katie did her prancing. I’m bigger now so I was prancing too. I prance all the time anyway, but this was a special door prance that Katie taught me. The door opened and Big Dog said, “Come on Patch!” I about darn near fell down the stairs to get to the car.  I Love Car Rides. Did I forget to tell you that? I didn’t know where we were going, but I didn’t care. We were going in the car!! Katie was hogging the middle of the of the front seats and I couldn’t see. I kept trying to shove her out of the way but it didn’t work.

We pulled up to a place and I caught scent of a whole pack of dogs. Katie was dancing like a pole dancer in heat. I started to get overwhelmed with all the new smells. I pranced into The Dog Spot and just kept watching Katie. I had been to this place once before but Katie was with me this time. This nice lady named Kari was at the counter. She said, “Hi, Patch!” She was nice and I like her. I think that she is Katies best buddies Momma. Then, Miss Allison came out to take me into the daycare place. Miss Allison is one of my best buddies at the Dog Spot. I like her too. She makes me smile. There were a ton of dogs in there. Well not a ton, but a lot for me. There must have been at least eleventy-seven dogs in there. I ran and played and then got floppy and couldn’t move for a while. Then I got my legs back, played, and went floppy again. I sure kept my eye on Miss Allison to be sure I knew where she was. I like to sit by her now and then just to make her feel the love. That was a long time ago, though – at least a couple of weeks anyway.

A nice big girl for me to sit with.

Today, we went to The Dog Spot again. Yippee!! Car rides and Dog Spot are fun. I was really walking low when I got to The Dog Spot, though. I was having a tough time keeping my feet under me. Kari was there to welcome me again. I really didn’t care because Big Dog and Katie were still outside! What the heck?? Why did I have to go inside without my Katie? I was NOT happy and I Started to sing the the Shaky Puppy Blues to let Kari and Momma know that Katie needed to come in too. Kari took me into the big dog room. I wasn’t able to stand up for very long. Today wasn’t the best standing day for me. I ended up “swimming” across the floor to get to the other dogs. When I can’t stand up I work extra hard to move around. I push off with my back legs. They aren’t strong at all when I’m floppy. Then I pull myself forward with my front legs to inch across the floor. Big Dog says that I am playing second base, whatever that means. He also says that I have heart – a lot of heart! I wasn’t up a lot today but I don’t care. I made sure to chase the other dogs at every chance I could get my legs to cooperate. I’m not very fast or accurate, so I had to learn tricks living with Katie. If I want to play with someone, I will stalk them and then run in front of them to get to them. If I can’t catch them from behind, I’ll grab them from the front. It’s my special ambush technique. It’s not graceful or pretty, but it sometimes works. I like big dogs and there were a few big dogs there today. I like   big dogs   and I cannot lie! I tried to stay around Katie a lot today. That kind of cramped her style. Too bad.

"Just keep swimming, swimming...."

When the folks came to pick me up I was happy to see them. Miss Allison made my folks night. They told her how very thankful they are that I can go play at daycare. I guess because I go floppy the folks are pleased that The Dog Spot will let me play there. It’s not like I’m a bother or anything. I sometimes get grumpy when I’m floppy, but I’m fun! Anyway, my folks thanked Miss Allison and she told them, “I enjoy seeing Patch. I gotta tell you that he is an inspiration to me.” I really thought my Momma was going to cry. She told Big Dog that Allison made her day. He just smiled and started to drive.

On the way home I was kinda sleepy. I wanted to stay awake to be sure we made it home ok. Momma put her arm behind Big Dog’s seat and I thought her arm would be a nice place to rest my head.

Falling asleep on Momma. (Her camera phone is not the best)

Yawn! It has been a long day and I really need to take another nap. It was nice to meet you all.

All the pictures were taken by Kari Witschi Longshore. Thank you, Gracie’s Momma!!


Hi, I’m Patch — 6 Comments

  1. Patch I am so glad to see you blogging! Your sis does a good job of it, but you are doing GREAT! I am glad you are getting along well with the other dogs at day care, it sounds like you have so much fun! I can’t wait to meet you one of these days to give you and your sister big hugs….That is as soon as Big Dog says I can. ;)

  2. Oh Patch—I got all weepy reading your story today because I know how much your folks love you and want you to have as much fun as Katie does at doggie daycare! You are such a handsome dog and I know that everyone has to just fall in love with you when they meet you. I know I fell in love with you just from seeing pictures!!! You have very special “folks” who are taking such great care of you. Give them snuggles so they know how glad you are that you came to live with them!!!

  3. Oh Patch! I’m so happy you got to come see us again! It is always a blessing to see your sweet face and get puppy kisses! I’m glad you had fun! We can’t wait to see you again!

  4. Patch – you are an inspiration. You live life to the fullest that you can. There is a lot people can learn from you. Thank you for sharing about your day!

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