Guess What I Have at My House!!!

10313857_10202012359457688_5010412982216264831_nYesterday was just a plain old day. Nothing special about it. Big Dog went to work and Momma went to the Rez with Momma Sheri. I hung out and played with Patch at home. Boring! We have a three legged puppy named Truffle who hangs out here. I’ll do a post about her another time. She is old news to me. I’m sorry for not bragging about her when she arrived. Momma will help me brag about Truffle later. This post is much more exciting than a puppy who has been hanging around here for a few weeks. She is old news to me.

Where was I? Oh, ya, dumb boring day. Big Dog came home and let us out to after work. He did something really weird in the yard. He started to put blankets in the doghouse in our backyard corral. Then he started hauling out food and water into the corral. I kind of hoped we were moving Patch back outside to his old house. Is that wrong of me? Maybe he could have Truffle live there with him too. Then I would have my Momma all to myself. We went inside to wait for something I wasn’t sure what it was but I knew it had to be something good.

Suddenly, Momma Sheri’s truck pulled up by our house. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! I love when Momma Sheri comes. I can hear her truck when she turns on the gravel road. Then something weird happened, the wrong Momma hopped out of the truck. It as MY Momma! Why was she in Momma Sheri’s truck? That is weird. Big Dog flew outside when he saw Momma get out of the truck. He must have missed her too. I peeked out the window and saw them putting a big blue tarp over the corral. The wind was whipping really hard, there was lighting all around and they were fussing with this tarp. It as raining really hard. I guess they didn’t want Patch and Truffle to get wet when the moved into their new home.

The next thing you know, Momma came in the yard with a bigger dog. Who the heck is that? I had no clue. Big Dog came in and told me to “Go Greet” So I flew outside to try to make this weird dog my friend. I was still wondering when Patch and Truffle would move outside. It was going to be crowded in that coral with the three of them. Then Big Dog kicked me back into the house. Crapcicles! I miss out on all the good stuff.

After a while we all got to go outside again. I was excited because I just knew that Patch and Truffle would be moving in their corral soon. The house would be mine! All mine!! Moo ha ha! This time the dog was in the corral and I heard the sweetest sound my little heart could ever hear, puppy squeals and grunts! We had puppies!! OMG! Puppies! I started to dance around and run under the deck, anything to see the puppies!! Did you know I love puppies??!! I do!! I do!!!

Patch and Truffle are big butt-heads. They went up to the coral and growled and barked at the Momma dog, her name is Roxy. Big Dog told Truffle with her 3 legs and being much smaller than Roxy, it was a fight she couldn’t win. We all ran around Roxy’s home and then came back in. I never even got to see the babies. My folks hate me I know it. All that chubby goodness needing some Katie loving and I never got to see them.

This morning I got up and Roxy was out of her corral. Momma told Big Dog that she heard Roxy when she got up. Turns out the Roxy chewed out of her corral. Yikes!  She must have had places to go and people to see. I got to see her this morning and we did ok, until I decided that I needed to go under the deck to see her babies from the back side. Roxy did not think this was such a special idea. She pinned me down and barked in my face. I got the message and went limp and she let me go. Stupid Momma’s! Didn’t she know all I wanted to do was smell some puppy breath and lick some puppies? Duh!

Momma says I have to wait a couple weeks until Roxy gets tired of her babies. Then I can play Auntie Katie. Do you have any idea how hard this is for me to not see or play with babies?? This just might kill me, I’m not sure. I hate this part of Momma’s and babies. Stupid Momma’s wanting to hog their babies to themselves.

My Momma’s had a big day on the Rez yesterday. Momma wouldn’t tell me about it and said that she will put it on her own blog. I heard her tell Big Dog it was a long and sad day. I don’t know what could be sad about it after all I have PUPPPIES!!!

About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.

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