This is how I feel. My Momma’s friend, Jerry Lee, made this pretty picture.

Last night my tummy didn’t feel good and today I had to go to the doctor. Momma and Big Dog noticed that I had been sick right in the doorway of their bathroom sometime during the night. I left a nice yellow pile of food right where I had to. Surprise, Momma!! I love you. I was still pretty bouncy and not acting like I had tummy troubles in the morning. I had a bit of dry heaves in the early afternoon and could only spit up some clear mucous. It had some pretty bright red streaks through it. It wasn’t much but Momma got worried right away. Big Dog grabbed a brown bottle of stuff they call hydrogen peroxide or something like that and squirted it on my little erps. It frothed up and Momma got worried. Apparently, frothy red erps are pretty scary.

I could feel my Momma get tense and a big freak out was going to happen. Big Dog’s jaw got really tense as well.  Not because I was sick, but I guess because my sick looked funny. They started talking about some other dog named Scooby that they once had that got sick and didn’t live very long. Yike.

Momma called our vet, in Lockwood. It was Saturday and my Dr. Belk was doing emergency surgery. She wouldn’t be able to see me for about an hour. They suggested calling Best Friend’s Animal Hospital because it isn’t too far from my house. It was nice they had a suggestion because there was no way my Momma would have not lost her mind during and hour wait.  Hmmmm, red streaks in erp might be really serious. Momma told Big Dog that was where my bestie, Gracie, goes for her check-ups. If Auntie Kari and Uncle Steve use them, then they must be good people. Momma called Best Friend’s and actually sounded kind of calm. That, knowing her, is a bit surprising. They could see me right away and Momma was ready to go. She grabbed a leash and I did what every smart dog does when it is time for the leash. I quickly sat in front of her; calmed myself as much as possible; and looked up at her adoringly with a big smile. That almost always works.

We took a ride. I love rides. Do you like rides? Rides are fun.

Dr. Herron took a look at me and fondled me. She shoved a stick up my butt to see if I was just the right temperature. I think that I might have pooted a bit. I hope that no one noticed. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and made me gag a bit. She was a nice lady and her helper bee held me close the whole time. I liked her too. Then they talked. I was more interested in all the other dogs and puppies that I could hear. Some of them sounded like they could use my expert comforting.

Dr. Herron came back in and talked some more. She stuck me and injected me with something that really stung. It felt like a bee sting and I yiped a bit. That is supposed to help me so I stop erping. I also have a lot of pills that I’m going to have to take to help  my tummy. I just know they are going to try and hide them in cheese. The funny thing is, I’m dainty and insist that all of my food be in tiny morsels. The bestest part is I have to be on something called a bland diet!! Only chicken and rice for me for a few days. Ha! I’m special. I sure hope that Patch and Truffle don’t get to have the bland diet. They talked some more and then it was time to go for another car ride. Did I tell you how much that I like car rides? They are fun. I think that I can hold down some water now. What’s for supper?


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  1. Awwwwww…. as much as I HATE you being sick, Katie, the frothy red erps thing and the pooting made me giggle. Yeah, I’m like a 4 year old. I’m sending you lots of get better thoughts. The wondercat even managed to look a little concerned as I read this. That’s a pretty big deal for a cat.

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