Cords and Shoes, Oh My!

How could you be mad at this face?

Good Morning,

I’m acting much younger than my age. Maybe I’m only 9 months old? Really  it doesn’t matter, I’m a dog. What do I care. I’m only repeating what I  heard those people say. They seem to think my my chewing on everything  in site is annoying. Not annoying enough to kick me to the curb, just  annoying. You see, I chewed through a lamp cord. Thankfully, it wasn’t  plugged in. Chewed it all the way through. They said it was a thrift
store lamp, so not to worry. The lady has great shoes that I like to try  to chew on. The guy has stinky feet so I leave his stuff alone. They are  watching me like a hawk, man. I have rawhides, but only use those as a  last resort. Now the people have this annoying habit of giving me a raw  hide when they see me chewing on something naughty. We will see how that  works for them.

Its a vertical poopaplaousa for me. The guy has to really clean up the  back yard. But if I can’t find poop I find other things to chew on,  sticks, an old raw hide someone left in the yard. I’m not picky or  proud. That is another thing the people are telling me to “leave it”  Pretty soon I’m going to think my name is “Leave it”

The lady took me for a walk all by herself yesterday. Good for her to  get that fat ass wadding, I tell ya! I did so darn good. She almost peed  when she saw how nicely I walk on a leash. I stayed by her most of the  time. Sometimes I would run on a head, but when I hit the end of that  retractable leash, I came a running. She needs to walk longer, but hey  after not walking for a while, we have to give her credit. I was just  happy to be out and looking around.

This morning was class. The lady was getting ready to leave and thinks I  shouldn’t charge the door. Spoil sport. Anyway, she had me sit, I almost  have that command down, and she told me to “wait” I would wait for a  second and then go see what she was doing. So finally, they tried some  treats and the guy held me on a leash when she told me to wait. I seemed  to get that pretty good. These people are so darn demanding. *eye roll*

That is all the news that’s fit to print,

About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.


Cords and Shoes, Oh My! — 2 Comments

  1. Katie Doo, I just read through all of your lovely letters. Big dog and Mama are wonderful and I’m sure you’ll have them trained in no time! (bigger rawhides and lots of love are in your future)

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