Busy, Busy Day!

I was so NOT impressed with the bath


Yesterday was exhausting! Both of the people were home so they thought we should all have some fun. Their version of fun and my version of fun or two verrry different things. They wanted to go for a long walk. The only problem is, I really don’t want to get in the car. If only they could just fly me places.

The man read about how to get a dog in the car on their own. Its a long process with sucks for me. They put my long leash on the opposite side of the back seat. Then the lady told me to “Load Up” I tugged and tugged with all my might, against getting in that car. They were patient, and I was annoyed. 4 times they tried this stupid “Load Up” thing.  Then if you can believe it, they thought I should actually “Wait” in the car when the door was open. WTH? Wait? I wanted to get out of there as quick as I could. When we were finally done with our torture session, they went to shut the door, I tried to bolt as quick as I can. I’m trying to show them that I have a clue and am smarter than they are. Don’t ask how that’s going for me.

We stopped at Target and the man went in and the lady stayed with me. When the man came back, he kind of sounded like a girl. He said to the lady, “You won’t believe the cute little raw hides I found for her! They are so tiny” These people are figuring out I’m much cheaper to keep entertained with treats and stuff. I’m easy like a Sunday morning. Also, I’m smaller.

Next we went to Two Moon Park and walked about a mile and a half. You would be so proud of me mom! I didn’t tug on my leash. I walked like I had been walking on a leash for years. I would run on a head a bit, the leash would tug when it stopped and I would run back to the people. I had to check on them. I didn’t want them to get lost. The man is looking forward to the day that I know my name and come back so he can let me run. We ran into a pack of 3 Golden retrievers, one was a puppy. I was so happy, we all had a good sniff and became fast friends. The puppy was a little annoying, it got close to me and got us tangled in my leash, I gave it a little love nip to put it in line. When they started leaving, I wanted to follow. They were a nice pack and I wanted to be included too. *sigh* I did spot a squirrel and flew to the end of my long leash to get it. I stopped short but did spook a pheasant. The guy thought that was pretty cool. He said that their old dog used to find deer. I saw one too but it freaked me out.

I was pretty pooped after such a long walk. Whew! I was ready for bed. However, the day was not done yet. These people thought that I smelled. Can you believe that? They wanted me to have a BATH!!! They took me to a place where they could bathe me themselves. I was pretty darn nervous, I don’t mind telling you that. I shook a bit. They got a ton of soap on me. The lady said to tell you she would post pictures on facebook and tag you. They they used this big thing with air that blew all over me and made lots of noise. I didn’t think that was so special. Finally, they both brushed me to a nice soft coat. I don’t look like the same dog! I have a tinge of red in my fur that was covered by dirt. I even feel soft! That little ordeal really exhausted me because I slept the whole way home. My body and my mind were all tuckered out.

One the cat front, things are getting a little better. I love those cats. They come running and I sniff and they run away. The youngest cat is even walking past me now. Its only a matter of time, before he falls in love with my charms and we can play! I know it. I think the bath helped. I don’t smell like a stinky dog. I smell like dog, but they can’t smell me from across the room. They have to get a little closer now.

I did have an accident in the house, or started too but they caught me. So they threw me outside and I had to be out there for a while. That’s ok, I climbed up on a chair and looked over the land.

I’m not sure what is in store for me today. I hope good things. The lady is going to add a page on her blog of the letters I send you. She thinks people might be interested in me. But of course, because I’m beautiful, smart and amazing. Who wouldn’t be?


About katie

I was rescued from a hard life on a reservation in southern Montana. Big Dog and Mama brought me into their den to help me learn how to be a great citizen. I have to thank Miss Sheri for bringing me into town and introducing me to Big Dog and Mama. This is my story and I am sticking to it.


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