An Auntie’s Job is Never Done!

Its been a while since I have updated my blog. My Momma has been pretty busy. . I let her know that its time for a new blog post. I want to show off my puppies!

Inspecting the new puppies

I LOVE puppies! Ask my friends at The Dog Spot. Ask anyone who sees me with puppies. I love them! I like to be Auntie Katie and take care of them. Finally, Betty the Momma dog, is letting me do my job. Sheesh. It took her long enough. The other Momma’s let me do my job a lot sooner than this one. She has finally stopped growling at me when I look at her babies. Do you know how HARD it is for me to just look at them? I stand outside the cage and prance like I’m doing the pee-pee dance. Whining because I NEED to get in there and play with that. I need to clean them up. My folks think I would have made a good Momma dog if I wasn’t fixed. (They don’t want me to be a Momma dog. They just think that I have a knack for it.)

The day finally arrived that I was allowed in the pen with the puppies! Momma and I sat in the kennel together. Momma wanted to play with the puppies too. Let me tell you those puppies kept me hopping! They got so excited to see me that all 5 of them peed! So naturally, I had to spend the first few minutes cleaning them all up. That is very important. Heck, I still clean my brother, Patch. Ya, its gets a lot of funny looks at the dog park, because he is so big, but oh well. Its my JOB!

"Hello, big guy"

Brutus, the largest brown boy is a brute! He thinks my tail is a chew toy. It’s a good thing that my Daddy got me used to kids or people pulling on my tail. If he didn’t do that, I might have just snapped at Brutus. Instead, I ignored him and played with the girls. Sometimes they wiggle, so I have to hold them down. That is important. I can clean them better and flea bite their neck.

They wiggle so you have to hold them down.

Those little buggers were climbing all over me like ants! Tugging around my neck, climbing on my head and so on. Then someone would pee and I would have to stop everything to clean them up. Its busy when I go in there. It’s not all fun and games you know.

I’m hoping that my folks get off their lazy rears and get a video of me doing my job. That way I can share with my family and friends, taking care of my puppies.

Their Momma, Betty, will be getting fixed and going back to her home in about a week. Then my real job starts! They will cry and I will have to go take care of them. They will try to nurse of me and I will have to bat them away. I might even lay down with them for a bit and let them lay next to me. I’m a giver like that.

One of the puppies will be going back to the Reservation with his Momma. The other 4 will be up for adoption a bit before Christmas. They will be fixed and have their first round of puppy shots and wormed twice. I’ll do a good job taking care of them so they will be happy and healthy when they get adopted.

I’m not sure when the next batch of puppies will arrive, but I’ll be ready. I kind of hope they don’t have a Momma with them. The Momma’s cramp my style!


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