This is how I feel. My Momma’s friend, Jerry Lee, made this pretty picture.

Last night my tummy didn’t feel good and today I had to go to the doctor. Momma and Big Dog noticed that I had been sick right in the doorway of their bathroom sometime during the night. I left a nice yellow pile of food right where I had to. Surprise, Momma!! I love you. I was still pretty bouncy and not acting like I had tummy troubles in the morning. I had a bit of dry heaves in the early afternoon and could only spit up some clear mucous. It had some pretty bright red streaks through it. It wasn’t much but Momma got worried right away. Big Dog grabbed a brown bottle of stuff they call hydrogen peroxide or something like that and squirted it on my little erps. It frothed up and Momma got worried. Apparently, frothy red erps are pretty scary.

I could feel my Momma get tense and a big freak out was going to happen. Big Dog’s jaw got really tense as well.  Not because I was sick, but I guess because my sick looked funny. They started talking about some other dog named Scooby that they once had that got sick and didn’t live very long. Yike.

Momma called our vet, in Lockwood. It was Saturday and my Dr. Belk was doing emergency surgery. She wouldn’t be able to see me for about an hour. They suggested calling Best Friend’s Animal Hospital because it isn’t too far from my house. It was nice they had a suggestion because there was no way my Momma would have not lost her mind during and hour wait.  Hmmmm, red streaks in erp might be really serious. Momma told Big Dog that was where my bestie, Gracie, goes for her check-ups. If Auntie Kari and Uncle Steve use them, then they must be good people. Momma called Best Friend’s and actually sounded kind of calm. That, knowing her, is a bit surprising. They could see me right away and Momma was ready to go. She grabbed a leash and I did what every smart dog does when it is time for the leash. I quickly sat in front of her; calmed myself as much as possible; and looked up at her adoringly with a big smile. That almost always works.

We took a ride. I love rides. Do you like rides? Rides are fun.

Dr. Herron took a look at me and fondled me. She shoved a stick up my butt to see if I was just the right temperature. I think that I might have pooted a bit. I hope that no one noticed. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and made me gag a bit. She was a nice lady and her helper bee held me close the whole time. I liked her too. Then they talked. I was more interested in all the other dogs and puppies that I could hear. Some of them sounded like they could use my expert comforting.

Dr. Herron came back in and talked some more. She stuck me and injected me with something that really stung. It felt like a bee sting and I yiped a bit. That is supposed to help me so I stop erping. I also have a lot of pills that I’m going to have to take to help  my tummy. I just know they are going to try and hide them in cheese. The funny thing is, I’m dainty and insist that all of my food be in tiny morsels. The bestest part is I have to be on something called a bland diet!! Only chicken and rice for me for a few days. Ha! I’m special. I sure hope that Patch and Truffle don’t get to have the bland diet. They talked some more and then it was time to go for another car ride. Did I tell you how much that I like car rides? They are fun. I think that I can hold down some water now. What’s for supper?

Guess What I Have at My House!!!

10313857_10202012359457688_5010412982216264831_nYesterday was just a plain old day. Nothing special about it. Big Dog went to work and Momma went to the Rez with Momma Sheri. I hung out and played with Patch at home. Boring! We have a three legged puppy named Truffle who hangs out here. I’ll do a post about her another time. She is old news to me. I’m sorry for not bragging about her when she arrived. Momma will help me brag about Truffle later. This post is much more exciting than a puppy who has been hanging around here for a few weeks. She is old news to me.

Where was I? Oh, ya, dumb boring day. Big Dog came home and let us out to after work. He did something really weird in the yard. He started to put blankets in the doghouse in our backyard corral. Then he started hauling out food and water into the corral. I kind of hoped we were moving Patch back outside to his old house. Is that wrong of me? Maybe he could have Truffle live there with him too. Then I would have my Momma all to myself. We went inside to wait for something I wasn’t sure what it was but I knew it had to be something good.

Suddenly, Momma Sheri’s truck pulled up by our house. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! I love when Momma Sheri comes. I can hear her truck when she turns on the gravel road. Then something weird happened, the wrong Momma hopped out of the truck. It as MY Momma! Why was she in Momma Sheri’s truck? That is weird. Big Dog flew outside when he saw Momma get out of the truck. He must have missed her too. I peeked out the window and saw them putting a big blue tarp over the corral. The wind was whipping really hard, there was lighting all around and they were fussing with this tarp. It as raining really hard. I guess they didn’t want Patch and Truffle to get wet when the moved into their new home.

The next thing you know, Momma came in the yard with a bigger dog. Who the heck is that? I had no clue. Big Dog came in and told me to “Go Greet” So I flew outside to try to make this weird dog my friend. I was still wondering when Patch and Truffle would move outside. It was going to be crowded in that coral with the three of them. Then Big Dog kicked me back into the house. Crapcicles! I miss out on all the good stuff.

After a while we all got to go outside again. I was excited because I just knew that Patch and Truffle would be moving in their corral soon. The house would be mine! All mine!! Moo ha ha! This time the dog was in the corral and I heard the sweetest sound my little heart could ever hear, puppy squeals and grunts! We had puppies!! OMG! Puppies! I started to dance around and run under the deck, anything to see the puppies!! Did you know I love puppies??!! I do!! I do!!!

Patch and Truffle are big butt-heads. They went up to the coral and growled and barked at the Momma dog, her name is Roxy. Big Dog told Truffle with her 3 legs and being much smaller than Roxy, it was a fight she couldn’t win. We all ran around Roxy’s home and then came back in. I never even got to see the babies. My folks hate me I know it. All that chubby goodness needing some Katie loving and I never got to see them.

This morning I got up and Roxy was out of her corral. Momma told Big Dog that she heard Roxy when she got up. Turns out the Roxy chewed out of her corral. Yikes!  She must have had places to go and people to see. I got to see her this morning and we did ok, until I decided that I needed to go under the deck to see her babies from the back side. Roxy did not think this was such a special idea. She pinned me down and barked in my face. I got the message and went limp and she let me go. Stupid Momma’s! Didn’t she know all I wanted to do was smell some puppy breath and lick some puppies? Duh!

Momma says I have to wait a couple weeks until Roxy gets tired of her babies. Then I can play Auntie Katie. Do you have any idea how hard this is for me to not see or play with babies?? This just might kill me, I’m not sure. I hate this part of Momma’s and babies. Stupid Momma’s wanting to hog their babies to themselves.

My Momma’s had a big day on the Rez yesterday. Momma wouldn’t tell me about it and said that she will put it on her own blog. I heard her tell Big Dog it was a long and sad day. I don’t know what could be sad about it after all I have PUPPPIES!!!

Springtime Puppies

Busy Busy Busy. I got a cool brindle pitbull puppy to foster. It wasn’t very socialized and came from a tough start. Patch and I helped to start its socialization with new dogs and momma turned her into a snuggle bunny. She was pretty for a pitbull. We called her Pitney Spears. She was a fast learner and got a new home with other dogs to live and play with.

Pitney Spears Rescue Dog

Hi! I’m Pitney Spears … or was, anyway.

Now we have a new puppy. He looks a little rottie, but who knows what he’s gonna look like when he grows up? He’s another rez-dog. He was just a baby and got hit by a car. The doctor had to amputate one of his back legs. He is a really happy puppy with a constant grin and eagerness to please. Big Dog & Momma call him Pogo. He is still a baby and afraid of just about everything. We’ll work on that. Meanwhile, we are going to have to search for just the right people to help him live a hopping good life. His one good leg might slow him down and tire him out quicker, but it doesn’t stop him from going up and down stairs with a big puppy grin.

Pogo the three legged rescue puppy.

Pogo lost one of his hind legs in a car accident, but is healing up nicely.

I Got a New Pony!

My friend, Channel, was at daycare too. I just wanted to show off this picture of two very colorful dogs.

Yesterday I got to have a spa day! My folks took us to The Dog Spot for doggie Daycare and a bath. Momma’s friend, Beth Ann, sent us a gift card to The Dog Spot and Momma decided that we would use it for a bath. It wasn’t because I was stinky and smelly but our foster dog, Betty, who smelled. She might be going to a new home this week and Momma wanted Betty to look her best. As long as she was going to be pampered, Momma figured that it was time for me and Patch to have a bath too. It’s not the most convenient thing for me to have a bath at daycare. I’m a busy girl and have things to do, so I can’t be bothered to sit around and be bathed and have to sit in front of a dryer. Chop, Chop, people! I have other dogs to play with.

I'm having a Come to Jesus meeting with Moses about letting me clean him up.

It was pretty busy at daycare which means I was pretty busy. For some reason it was very important for me to kiss EVERYONE in daycare. My Auntie Kari, who works there, was laughing at me. I would kiss everyone and then survey the whole room and if I missed a dog, I would trot my happy butt over to them and give them a quick lick. When there are a lot of dogs there its darn near a full-time job.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do to clean a puppy. Even if it means standing on her hind legs and wrapping her arms around a puppies neck to clean them.

My newest victim, errrr friend is an 8 month old Great Dane named Moses. I was really concerned about keeping his face clean. You know those puppies need a little extra  help in keeping clean. I stood up right under him and he was NOT being a helper bee. So finally, I had to just stand on my hind legs and grab my front legs around his neck so I could clean him properly. If the puppy is not going to lay down so I can put my paw on his head, I must improvise. Moses didn’t know what to make of me. I think it was because I’m so fast! Zoom, zoom! He would just look down at me as if trying to decide what to do with me. After I got him cleaned up he was ready to play. He bowed down a bit and I zoomed, zoomed in front of him. What can I say?  Puppies are my specialty. I’m used to little ones but this  big puppy needed my attention. One of my Momma’s friend’s joked that Moses was my new pony. Oh, and my BFF Gracie was there too. We played and licked each others ears. Her’s are floppy lab ears so its easier for her to lick my pointy stand uppy ears.

Patch and Jo-Jo playing ball.

Patch was a good boy during his grooming. I was too just so you know this isn’t all about Patch. He stood still and let them clip his bear claws and did good during his bath. He made a new friend too. A cute little golden named Jo-Jo. He would bring Patch a ball and so Patch could pick it up in his mouth and stand there with it. When Jo-Jo wanted it back, Patch would growl. Then he would drop the ball and kick it back to her. They went back and forth like this for a while. Jo-Jo is usually a hyper and busy dog like me, so the fact he took time to play with Patch was pretty cool! It seems that the other dogs know that Patch is special and they play with him in a way that he can play too. Momma’s little soccer star! Auntie Jenny said that my Momma was a soccer Mom now.

Betty looks so shiny and clean and less smelly.

Betty our foster dog was not nearly as impressed with everything.  When Big Dog dropped her off he felt kind of bad. She sat by the window looking at him as if to say, “Oh, for the love of God take me with you.” The folks are guessing she is between 4-6 years old. She was afraid of the bath but tolerated it. After her bath the groomers let her snooze in the kennel area. She survived and smells and feels a heck of a lot better.  Momma is having a hard time coming to terms with her going to a new home. If Betty and the woman who wants to be her Momma get along, Betty will be leaving us this week. As much as everyone wants to keep Betty we can’t. If we keep her, Big Dog, said we can’t foster any more. Our house would be full. Betty’s new Momma needs a Betty in her life and my Momma couldn’t be happier about their upcoming meeting.

Oh, its time for Momma to get ready to take us to the vet. The groomers mentioned we might all have ear infections. I should let Momma comb her hair or something.

Pictures are courtesy of Kari Longshore. She is always so good about letting me use pictures for my blog. It was hard for her to get pictures of me yesterday because I was stuck to her like glue.

I Have Jobs!

Boy, my Momma is lazy. We haven’t updated this blog since April? I keep telling her that my fans are waiting for my wisdom and adorableness.  She just shrugs and does her own thing. I tell you, parents these days. What can you do?

I’m a busy girl. I go to daycare, I go to the dog park, I help with foster puppies and dogs. Yes, I’m a giver. Where was I? Oh, my new job. You guys know about my brother, Patch. My last post was all about him. Patch, Patch, Patch. This is my blog, not his, but what are you going to do?

Sometimes Patch can’t walk after going outside to do his business. He just flops down on the ground like a lump. We live in Montana, so a boy doesn’t want his boy bits snuggled in the snow for too long.  Momma will call to us to come in and of course I fly to the door. Patch still lays on the ground swimming around. I try to tell him “its snow not water dummy.” He doesn’t listen. *eye roll*

Last night I went in the house without Momma. She was blabbing on the phone to Momma Sheri. Usually, I won’t go in without my Momma but our foster dog was going in the house and I had to keep an eye on her. I told you I was busy. So Momma and Patch were outside and Momma was ready to come in. She called to Patch and he blew her off. Typical boy thing. Then she went to pull him by his collar, to help him stand up, and he flopped on his back and lifted his legs up. He does that so the folks will pick him up. Sometimes he needs to be carried, other times they will carry him in and when they put him on his bed he hops up like a jumping jack. My folks LOVE that. I just laugh and laugh.

Momma was not going to carry him across the icy snow. What is a Momma to do? I heard Momma call me. “Katie, go bring Patch in.” Well if your Momma tells you to do something, you gotta do it. I flew down the stairs and to Patch and started rolling him around, growling at him and nipping his ankles like the part heeler I am. I had him on his back and I hopped on his head. I did anything I could do to make his gimpy butt move. Patch got up and looked like a newborn baby deer and went into the opposite way of the house. What is up with that kid? Momma wanted us to go inside and go to bed. He lopped off and went to Big Dog’s garden. Momma and I both just stared at him. It was dark so we didn’t know what the boy was up to. He rooted around for a bit and showed us a snow covered rawhide in his mouth. Betty, the foster, must have left it outside. Patch and I like to keep our treats INSIDE the house, like normal dogs.  He just pranced up and down with this thing in his mouth. Momma told me again, “Go bring Patch in” (Between you and me, this was dumb! Its dark and cold and Momma wants to go to bed and he finds the rawhide garden??) When Momma told me to get him, I flew over to him, nipped his heels, did a small bark and flew up to the deck. He waddled over in his usual, drunk like fashion, and followed me up the steps. I cleaned him up and crisis over.

My other job is to be Patch’s helper at doggie daycare. I know how to hang with the dogs. Patch isn’t as good about it as I am. Sometimes he is floppy at daycare and can’t play with the other dogs. When that happens, I go and play with my friends and then go check on Patch. By checking, I go up to him, kiss his head and fly away from him. I do this several times while we are at daycare. Granted he is my weird, creepy brother but I love him. I need to check on him to be sure that he is ok. It’s not like I hang out with him until he can walk. I do just enough so he knows I’m around. It makes the daycare folks smile. It makes my folks proud too.

So those are my jobs and how I keep busy. Just so you don’t think this is all hearts and flowers, he can get on my nerves. When I’m watching my stories, like Dog TV, he will bark and bark. I’m trying to watch my stories and want him to SHUT UP! So I will go over to him, bark twice in his face, so he knows I’m mad. That shuts him up and he goes to lay down for a while. How is a girl supposed to watch her stories if someone is barking at the tv?

My picture is one that my Auntie Kari’s sister in law painted for my Momma. Isn’t it great?? My Momma about darn near cried. If you want a cool picture like mine, go visit Abby’s facebook page to find out about pricing.


Hi, I’m Patch

Hi! I’m Patch! My big sissy might have mentioned me once or twice. She started to blog when she was about 10 months old. I’m 10 months old, so I get to start blogging too. Oh, joy! If you don’t know who I am, then read what my Momma wrote about me and come on back. I’ll wait. I’m good at that.

The pink on my nose is from tumbling down the stairs. I forgot to go "Slowly Patch."


Welcome back! I don’t want to brag, but I’ve gone to Doggie Daycare at The Dog Spot at least three times. I got to go for a couple hours to try it out by myself. That sorta freaked me out because I didn’t have my sissy with me. I love her and stalk play with her all the time. The first time was a bit scary but I didn’t die. That is good.

There were some sad days during my first year of life. Big Dog would get out the leash. Katie would prance around and get leashed up. Then she and Big Dog would walk out the door with Momma. Me? I wanted to go too. But no! I had stay at home – all alone – with three cats and maybe some weird foster puppy. I was sad and lonely without my Katie. I know big boys don’t cry, but I would cry when they left and sometimes would even wail out the blues like only a shaky puppy can do. The Shaky Puppy Blues – Yeah, that’s the one that got me through the dog days of winter while Katie was away.

"Hi, Guys! I'm Patch!"

A few weeks ago the leash came out and Katie did her prancing. I’m bigger now so I was prancing too. I prance all the time anyway, but this was a special door prance that Katie taught me. The door opened and Big Dog said, “Come on Patch!” I about darn near fell down the stairs to get to the car.  I Love Car Rides. Did I forget to tell you that? I didn’t know where we were going, but I didn’t care. We were going in the car!! Katie was hogging the middle of the of the front seats and I couldn’t see. I kept trying to shove her out of the way but it didn’t work.

We pulled up to a place and I caught scent of a whole pack of dogs. Katie was dancing like a pole dancer in heat. I started to get overwhelmed with all the new smells. I pranced into The Dog Spot and just kept watching Katie. I had been to this place once before but Katie was with me this time. This nice lady named Kari was at the counter. She said, “Hi, Patch!” She was nice and I like her. I think that she is Katies best buddies Momma. Then, Miss Allison came out to take me into the daycare place. Miss Allison is one of my best buddies at the Dog Spot. I like her too. She makes me smile. There were a ton of dogs in there. Well not a ton, but a lot for me. There must have been at least eleventy-seven dogs in there. I ran and played and then got floppy and couldn’t move for a while. Then I got my legs back, played, and went floppy again. I sure kept my eye on Miss Allison to be sure I knew where she was. I like to sit by her now and then just to make her feel the love. That was a long time ago, though – at least a couple of weeks anyway.

A nice big girl for me to sit with.

Today, we went to The Dog Spot again. Yippee!! Car rides and Dog Spot are fun. I was really walking low when I got to The Dog Spot, though. I was having a tough time keeping my feet under me. Kari was there to welcome me again. I really didn’t care because Big Dog and Katie were still outside! What the heck?? Why did I have to go inside without my Katie? I was NOT happy and I Started to sing the the Shaky Puppy Blues to let Kari and Momma know that Katie needed to come in too. Kari took me into the big dog room. I wasn’t able to stand up for very long. Today wasn’t the best standing day for me. I ended up “swimming” across the floor to get to the other dogs. When I can’t stand up I work extra hard to move around. I push off with my back legs. They aren’t strong at all when I’m floppy. Then I pull myself forward with my front legs to inch across the floor. Big Dog says that I am playing second base, whatever that means. He also says that I have heart – a lot of heart! I wasn’t up a lot today but I don’t care. I made sure to chase the other dogs at every chance I could get my legs to cooperate. I’m not very fast or accurate, so I had to learn tricks living with Katie. If I want to play with someone, I will stalk them and then run in front of them to get to them. If I can’t catch them from behind, I’ll grab them from the front. It’s my special ambush technique. It’s not graceful or pretty, but it sometimes works. I like big dogs and there were a few big dogs there today. I like   big dogs   and I cannot lie! I tried to stay around Katie a lot today. That kind of cramped her style. Too bad.

"Just keep swimming, swimming...."

When the folks came to pick me up I was happy to see them. Miss Allison made my folks night. They told her how very thankful they are that I can go play at daycare. I guess because I go floppy the folks are pleased that The Dog Spot will let me play there. It’s not like I’m a bother or anything. I sometimes get grumpy when I’m floppy, but I’m fun! Anyway, my folks thanked Miss Allison and she told them, “I enjoy seeing Patch. I gotta tell you that he is an inspiration to me.” I really thought my Momma was going to cry. She told Big Dog that Allison made her day. He just smiled and started to drive.

On the way home I was kinda sleepy. I wanted to stay awake to be sure we made it home ok. Momma put her arm behind Big Dog’s seat and I thought her arm would be a nice place to rest my head.

Falling asleep on Momma. (Her camera phone is not the best)

Yawn! It has been a long day and I really need to take another nap. It was nice to meet you all.

All the pictures were taken by Kari Witschi Longshore. Thank you, Gracie’s Momma!!

It’s My Adoption Day!

Today is a very special day. Do you know why? It’s my adoption day!! One year ago today, my folks went to Momma Sheri’s place to adopt a dog. I was not the one they went to see, but I was the one who picked them.

This is me hanging out at the Hardin Vet. after Momma Sheri found me. I wasn't a very happy puppy.

I had a busy year of firsts. Way to many to post in a blog post. You people don’t have that much time to read and Momma’s fingers aren’t up to typing for days. However, if you look at my archives, You can see the notes that my Momma sent to Momma Sheri when I was on trial.  I taught my folks what child proof window locks are for. Man, now that they know what those of for, they use them all the time.

I’m not afraid to go into a store anymore. Actually, if you drop my leash, I’ll lead you into PetSmart. I was terrified the first time that I went into PetSmart. I laid flat on the ground and didn’t move a muscle. It took Big Dog about 15 minutes to help me through that panic attack.

I had my picture taken by the famous Casey Page of The Billings Gazette.

My folks had to learn what it was like to have a dog that likes to go to the dog park and to daycare. That was new for them. One of my favorite places to go is to The Dog Spot! I have lots of friend’s there. Including my bestest buddy, Gracie.

Me and my bestie, Gracie. (Pic. by Kari Longshore- Gracie's Momma)

We learned that I can’t go to adoption day at PetSmart because everyone wants to adopt me. It gets kind of annoying after a while. I mean I already have a home, sheesh! Sometimes Big Dog brings me to say hi to the Momma’s and I like to hop in the kennel to play with the babies.

I have seen a bunch of puppies come through our house. Big Dog says that “Every dog has a job to do” I guess mine is taking care of the puppies and help him out with accessing other dogs needs. They need me to show them how to do things. We even kept one of the puppies and he is my little brother, Patch. Well he’s bigger than me, but I don’t think he knows that. He is wobbly and easy for me to knock down, but I still love him. I still have to clean him up sometimes. Boys are so messy. *eye roll*

Me and Patch when he was about 3 months old.

I can walk on a leash, I can sit to get a treat, I know my name. I will sit and wait for someone to put food down for me. I can calm nervous dogs. I will go upstairs. I can lay down or dance. I know how to ‘leave it.” I also learned how to whisper. I keep a very good eye on my Momma. She can’t go anywhere without me knowing about it and being right behind her.

The folks think that I have a couple of odd quirks.  I don’t think they are odd, but the folks do. If I can fly out our front door and run our ditch bank, then I will. I think it’s a grand game.  I’m very dainty. That means that Big Dog has to break up my snacks into tiny pieces. Patch will take your arm off if you give him a treat. Me I need to nibble it in small pieces. If you give me a big piece of treat, I’ll just take it over to Patch and drop it next to him. Then I will go back to Big Dog or Momma and wait until I get the right size treat. It’s not rocket science people! I’m delicate and should be treated as such.

Don’t tell any of the other dogs, but I like our cats. The little critters creeped me out a bit when I first got here, but they aren’t all that bad. They kinda stink and try to take the dog bed, but what are ya gonna do? I have also stopped dining at “The Kitty Litter Cafe.”

Its be a very busy year for this girl. I can’t wait to see what the next year of living in this nut house brings. We are all very thankful for Momma Sheri finding me and letting me go live with my folks. If it wasn’t for Momma Sheri letting me move in with my folks, who knows how my folks would be keeping busy. What kind of dull and boring life they would be living without having puppies and dogs to foster. Without having PetSmart to go to.  We have met some amazing fosters and friends this past year!!

If you sum up the whole circle of life thing…….Momma Sheri found me, my folks found her……then they found me……then they fostered…….then along came Patch. (He was kind of our oopps baby. I was really going to be the only dog in this house. We love him, so it’s all good)…….who knows what tomorrow will bring? I know we will all be ready for it.

Happy Adoption Day to Me!

Thank You Momma Sheri! You saved me and I love you! …Katie


Me and My Shadow, Melvin

I have been pretty busy with foster pups and a foster dog. I have not had a chance to fill my fans in on what is going on here. My Auntie’s Trish and Kim scolded my Momma for not helping me to keep my blog updated. Things are slowing down around here so we have a minute to fill you in on our latest foster, Melvin.

Melvin and his brothers and sisters were found in a dump in Hardin, Montana. They were  covered in tar! Who does that? Momma Sheri says that she thinks someone did it to them, because their paws didn’t have tar on them. So it wasn’t as if they walked through it. Their first foster Momma was kept busy trying to take tar off them. Melvin’s sister even had her tail stuck to her bottom! Her foster Momma had to help cut that away. Then it was Momma Sheri’s turn. She would spend hours, after working all day,  trying to get the tar out of these babies. The Momma’s call them, “The Tar Babies”

The girl on the left is Melvin's sister who had her tail stuck. Poor Melvin is the ligher one on the far right.

All of the other tar babies would go running up to Momma Sheri when was taking care of them. Not poor Melvin. He would run from her or hide in a corner and try not to be seen. Momma Sheri is fostering so many dogs that she can’t give him the attention he needs to try to be social. She asked my folks if they wanted to give Melvin a little extra attention. They said, “Sure!” If you have read my blog before, you know that my folks saying, “Sure” really means, “Sure, Katie will do all the work.”

This little guy is cute and all, but man is he clingy. I cannot move a step without him being in my face or up in my business. He was such a scardy cat when he got here. Well he’s not a cat, but you know what I mean. He would just sit in his wire crate and stare at all of us. I would go up to the crate and hit it with my paw a few times. Just to let him know I was keeping an eye on him. Puppies need to know where they fit in a pack. I’m top dog! Don’t tell Patch, he hasn’t figured that out yet and that is really for the best.

Anyhoo, the first night he stayed in his kennel alone, he freaked out! He cried and howled and howled and cried. I would do my best to trot out to check on him. Then go curl back up on my bed next to Momma. Big Dog said told Momma, “He can’t keep that up all night. Just like a baby, he will tire himself out soon.” Uh, ya soon never came. Momma got maybe an hour of sleep. She got up about 4am to let him out to play with me. She was a bit grumpy about it, but I guess she was tired of the howling.

Melvin is different because my folks let him run around with me. Usually, the pups are kept in their baby corral with their crate to sleep in. Its important to the folks that he get out and about in the house. He wags his tail when he sees me in the morning, its so cute. He didn’t wag his tail at his other foster houses. My Momma reminds people that he is not wagging for my folks, but for me. I think the little twerp thinks I’m his Momma.

See, I can't even lay down without him being next to me!

He is not so sure of Patch. Go figure. Patch is big and uses his outside barking voice and growls at the little guy. He is wobbly on his feet, so he is kind of scary to be next to you if you are a little one. Patch tries to play with him, but Momma and Big Dog call him, “Grumpy, Cranky Uncle Patch. He doesn’t have this puppy thing down like I do. We can’t all have it.

I’m trying to housebreak him. That is important if he is going to have a home, especially if he can’t be adopted for a while. I take him outside with me when I go potty and he practically stands under me. Patch is trying to teach him to go potty outside as well. They are both boys so he might get it better watching Patch. He has only had a couple very little accidents, which is good considering how much he gets to run around here.

The folks feel bad for him because he always looks scared and worried. Every little sound makes him jump and run. He doesn’t like snuggles and pets like other puppies. He is really standoffish to the folks. They are slowly working to get him to come around.

In the mean time its all me. I’m the one who gets him to play and run around. I’m the one who gets him to wag his tail. I’m the one he curls up with and snuggles with. You know what? I’m ok with that.

Patch is a Big Boy Now

Patch in his Fancy Nancy tie Momma's friend, Pat made for him.

As you all know, I love The Dog Spot! It’s my most favoritest place to go, ever! I like to run around and torture play with other dogs. My folks love it because they think that it wears me out.  My brother Patch usually stays home when I go to play with my friends. He cries, the big baby, when the folks take me to daycare and leave him home with nobody except the cats *snicker*.  Little did I know, however, that an evil little plot was about to unfold before my very eyes.

My folks really wanted Patch to be just like the other kids. He isn’t. They talked to my best Dog Spot friends to see if they would be willing to take Patch on. Keep in mind, they have a ton of dogs running, playing, and generally having fun almost all the time. “Would they have time to take on my floppy brother?”, was the question at hand. He doesn’t need too much extra attention. He does need more than the average dog when he loses track of his motor function. I learned some new big words that help me sound smart. Anyway, Allison and Jessica said that they would be happy to have him come for a short time to see how he does. That makes sense, even to me, because if he is going to get ugly with other dogs or just lay there and cry, then nobody is going to have much fun.

Yesterday, I had a feeling something was going on. Big Dog grabbed both of leashes, which usually means something fun is about to happen. Patch almost didn’t make it in the car because he was so excited. He loves care rides. The whole ride he WHINED with excitement. I don’t get why that puppy can’t just be quiet like me and enjoy the ride. He whines and I help navigate. We are going somewhere fun, so why whine about it? Sheesh. The folks try their best to ignore it, but I can tell that they wished he would just shut up.

We pulled up to The Dog Spot and my butt was just wiggling to beat the band. I know about this place and it is a bit of dog heaven, right here on earth. Patch flew out of the car and Momma wasn’t expecting that. He flopped onto the hard ground like a dropped sack of potatoes. He is a trooper and bounced back up like he meant to do that. Oh, boy! I knew it was going to be a good day. I was ready to have some real fun!! Patch had no idea why I was so excited, but he got excited too. Then something weird happened, Allison said hi to me, but she took Patch into daycare. What is wrong with this picture? I’m hopping around and turning myself inside out and HE gets to go see the dogs? My Momma watched as Allison took Patch in to meet the other dogs. It was slow going because he was so excited and prancing like a drunken monkey. Allison took him in to meet the other dogs and he did not snap or grow at anyone. (He does that when he gets scared) Then Allison popped her head out and said that he was going to do ok. I waited for her to come get me. She suggested that my folks come back in about an hour and half. That should be enough time for him to play but not so much that he become overwhelmed. Then we left. What? What?? Why am I leaving?? Nooooooo!! I wanna play too. Shucks. Oh well, maybe we are going for an extra special doggy day, I thought. We loaded back up and I took my usual navigators stance to be sure that we got there. Wherever there was going to be. Do you know what we did after we left? We ran errands. That’s it!  How boring is that?? I hate my life. Patch is having the time of his life at the Dog Spot party place and I get to go to some restaurant supply house. Whoop-ti-doo!

We went back to The Dog Spot to pick up Patch. He was doing pretty good. Big Dog went in and saw him being buddies with the biggest dogs in the house. That’s Patch, the suck up. He goosestepped up to Big Dog with excitement. I could just make them out through the window. Patch was on his feet but struggling a little. Jessica told him that Patch was floppy now and then, but overall did good. He even made a friend!! A little boxer, named Tillie seems to have a maternal instinct. When he was floppy, she went over and touched his face and then laid down with him. That made my Momma happy. Me, I could care less who this Tillie is because I wanted to go play. He took up my playtime. Grrrrrr

Allison and Jessica said that Patch can go back! How cool is that? However, they would prefer on a Saturday because that is a slow day and they can give him more attention. They think I don’t need to go with him for a few times. That’s not what I want to hear. Dog Spot – I’m a dog – get the connection? They said something about Patch gaining confidence if he doesn’t have me around. Whatever that means. Momma and Big Dog agreed with that. I heard them muttering something about Patch wanting to always hang around with me and I will protect him and I won’t get to play with other dogs because he will always be with me. Blah – Blah – Blah.

When Big Dog brought Patch to the car, he was excited, but quiet. Before we even got the car pulled out of the parking lot, the big baby was asleep. Lightweight. The folks were saying they thought he was so tired because he had to work twice as hard to play as the other dogs. He has to really think about walking and standing on slick floors. On top of that, he had to play with the new dogs in a new place without his regular pack to support him.

My Momma and Dad were really happy that Patch got to go to daycare. They acted like it was a big deal for Patch. Nobody gets that excited when I go to daycare – except me, of course. It’s not as if he discovered a cure for cancer. That is how they were acting when Patch got to go to daycare. I heard them talking about how relieved and happy they were that Allison and Jessica were willing to have Patch at daycare. They didn’t have to take him on. They have a busy enough job as it is. I think they are doing it because he is my brother and they love me! I can hardly wait until we can go terrorize er, play with, the Dog Spot pack together.

It’s all about me, don’t ya know? That is my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s Pretty Quiet at My House

Man, is it quiet and boring at my house this morning. My foster babies, are all at the vet getting fixed. My Momma and Momma Sheri picked them up last night to leave them at the vet. When they got here last night, Dad let Patch out to greet them. He hopped, the best he can, up and down on Momma Sheri. She laughed and said, “Patch needs to stop hanging around, Katie. He hops around like she does.” Patch is NOT graceful like me when he hops and bounces. My puppies with get fixed today and Momma Sheri will bring them home tonight.

My poor babies waiting to see the Vet.

After the Momma’s went to drop my babies off, they stopped by to check on Betty White, he is the Momma to my babies. She was outside under a deck in the cold. Momma Sheri told her people, that she should be inside because it was cold out and she needed to heal from being fixed. When my Momma got home, she started telling my Dad about Betty and just started to sob. I was pretty concerned so I hang around her to listen. She told Dad what it was like to see Betty. When Betty heard my Momma she came flying out from under the deck. She was wiggling and jumping so my Momma would pet her. She kept moving to be sure my Momma touched her all over. Then Betty flew up to the deck so she was eye to eye with my Momma. Kissing her and wiggling and whining. My Momma couldn’t touch her enough. It hurt my Momma’s heart to see Betty outside. It hurt her heart to see how happy Betty was to see her. Momma Sheri brought some food for Betty and a crate with a blanket in it. She also put a waterproof sleeping back over the top to buffer wind and snow. Then it was time for them to leave and my Momma’s heart just dropped. Momma held it together until she got home and started to tell Dad. Then the sobbing started. Dad listened and gave her a hug and told her that she knows rescue work is not all fun and puppies. He reminded her that it was good for Betty to see her and that Momma Sheri can bring her to see Betty again sometime.

The Momma’s had some more running around to do. They had to pick up a couple of boys who needed homes. I guess they were very loud in their crates and were NOT impressed to be going for a ride. They are handsome boys and Momma named them Mike and Ike. They seem like close friends.

Mike and Ike are sweet boys

They also picked up a sweet little rottie girl. They decided to name her, Beth Ann, after their bloggy friend, Beth Ann from It’s Just Life. Beth Ann made Rez Dog Rescue her “comments for a cause” on her blog. For every comment left on her blog, she donated 50 cents towards our rescue, out of her own pocket!! How cool is that? The new puppy was pretty and sweet, so Momma Sheri suggested naming her Beth Ann. Thank you again for your donation, Beth Ann!!

We will get a better picture of, Beth Ann soon.

Patch is tugging on me and ready to play so I should wrap this up. That is all the news that’s fit to print for this morning.